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Acutonics® Self-Care Tips for the Green Wood Dragon Year

17 Feb, 2024
This is a powerful year for all of us. To gain a better understanding of what this means for our Acutonics community, I was guided to mediate with the Green Wood Dragon. Our inner dragon is asking all of us to use the next few weeks of Winter to go deep within, find our irritations, embrace them, feel the power within them, and then release the rest.
Acutonics® Self-Care Tips for the Green Wood Dragon Year

Judy Bernard, EAMP, MAc, LAc, Senior Licensed Acutonics Faculty

Happy Chinese New Year! Welcome to the year of the Green Wood Dragon! 

This is a powerful year for all of us. To gain a better understanding of what this means for our Acutonics community, I was guided to mediate with the Green Wood Dragon.

I was born in the year of the Green Wood Dragon, so this felt like it was time to meet my lifetime companion and gain a deeper connection. After getting comfortably settled in, I requested a meeting. Exchanging pleasantries, the Dragon invited me inside, and guided me to its belly. A beautiful iridescent wall surrounded the round room. It was a cool and cozy cave. In the cave was a gift for us. The gift that was presented was the Pearl of Power.

The Dragon reminded me that pearls are made of sand that is irritating to the oyster, yet this irritation creates a breathtaking, beautiful iridescent pearl.  This is the representation of our individual power, strength, beauty, and gifts in the world, just like the pearls. Our power is in things that irritate us. I was a bit confused by this message and asked for more clarification. The Dragon went on to explain. First it is the mirror of transformation. For if the irritant wasn’t in us, we would not resonate to it and be irritated. This is how we know what is ready to be transformed and healed

We must be able to recognize that the irritant is always there within us. We can recognize it, embrace its value, release the rest; and receive its gift (our very own Pearl of Power). We must first feel the irritation or judgment around what is appearing before us and within us. Nothing is good or bad, it just is, and it is ready to be embraced and healed.

The Dragon went on to explain the reason for my invitation. Inviting me inward to the belly served as an invitation to all of us to take the last few weeks of Water and go deeply within ourselves. The Green Wood Dragon is a yang energy dragon, so there is a lot of strength and activity in this year, yet first we must cultivate the balance counterpart of yang, the yin. For it is inside our hearts that we hold our Divine wisdom, knowing what to do, when to do it, if it is ours to do and trusting the flow in creating it. The yang energy of the Wood Dragon must be grounded in yin, Divine love, unity, and wisdom. Should we act without these qualities, the yang energy can be destructive at worst, chaotic at best. It is only with a strong, Divinely connected yin that the powerful, magical creation of the New Earth can occur. This is the truth for humanity as well  -- and it starts within each of us, individually.  The Dragon’s message is the message that we can no longer only be mostly yang, which is destructive without yin, or only yin which can be apathetic to the world. We must combine the two into flow and unity, just as the tai chi symbol has always shown us. Only with this balance can we move into the WuQi of Unity and create the New Earth we are here to create.

We have created a mess. Yet it is exactly as it should be, for the past was a gathering wisdom time, exploring extreme duality. We are now shifting to a community time, a creation time, as we increase our connection with the Divine within. Through this guided activity we can create. All the messes we have created will be sorted out, for we have grown into a new love based being. Our new being is different from our old one and holds the exact energy required to create what we came here to create. 

Our inner dragon is asking all of us to use the next few weeks of Winter to go deep within, find our irritations, embrace them, feel the power within them, and then release the rest. As we restore our unique personal power and pair it with the wisdom of our Divine hearts, we create our Pearls of Power. Then we will shine brightly with softness, strength, compassion, unity and love. Therefore, resonating these virtues and illuminating those who are ready for this transformation.

We can now fully embrace our wood element, the Hun's dreams, visions, decisions, all paired with the wisdom of our Divine hearts, creating unity in our whole being and creating a New Earth from our deepening connection with this year's Green Wood Dragon and ourselves. 2024 is a powerful year of change starting within ourselves!

As the Green Wood Dragon was preparing to leave, I felt great love and gratitude for our time together and for their willingness to share 2024s message with all of us. As the Green Wood Dragon left, they climbed up a deciduous tree. Reminding me that everything has a season and a flow, and reminding me that nothing stays the same; things are always flowing and leading us upwards to higher realms of consciousness.


In our self-care we are going to go inwards and meet our Dragon, we will connect with our Divine Hearts, and gather our own Pearls of Power.  

First, we embrace who we are by activating the internal dragon points. These points are used in 5 Element Acupuncture, which contains treatment protocols for both internal and external dragon treatments (next newsletter will be the external dragons). Today, we are going to start with the internal dragon points as guided by the Green Wood Dragon in the meditation. By connecting, releasing the blockages we will strengthen our connection to ourselves and our Divine hearts.

There are 4 points in the internal dragon treatment: They are activated in order, right to left.

  • REN 15M - this master point is a tender point about 1/4 of inch below REN 15: The Loving Protection of the Dove* also called Turtle Dove Tail
  • ST 25 Celestial Pivot
  • ST 32 The Hiding Hare of Swift Flexibility* also called Crouching Rabbit
  • ST 41 To Untie the Force of the Mountain Stream* also called Ravine Divide

To start your self-care Inner dragon session:

  1. Find a quiet space, have water/tea and a journal available
  2. Listen to Ohm, place mid Ohm on Kid 1 Gushing Spring, REN 17 Chest Center
  3. Play Singing Bowls around you and/or Ohm HF or chimes
  4. Activate the above Internal Dragon points in order, right to left with Chiron/Full Moon following with Chiron/Venus
  5. Pause, take a deep breath, and feel into yourself. What is coming up? Embrace it. Bless it. Feel your power and strength return back to you. Release the rest.
  6. Play Singing Bowls 
  7. Fill your field with Sedna and Venus Chimes/HF Forks
  8. Ground with Ohm Octave KID 1 Gushing Spring, ST 36 Leg Three
  9. Take a moment to reflect and write in your journal  

For your next session choose the forks that you are called to or want more of that archetype in your life. Listen and trust your inner wisdom of your heart. These are very powerful points so less is more. Slow and gentle changes are lasting change. This may take a few sessions be patient and kind to yourself, you are cultivating your inner dragon, deepening your Divine Heart connection and gathering your Pearls of Power.

*Point Names are from the book: Characters of Wisdom: Taoist tales of acupuncture points by Debra Kaatz

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