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Self-Care Affirmations

A Self-Care Harvest

1 Oct, 2018
The fire energy of summer is settling down and the Metal energy of fall is here. The leaves are changing colors and letting go, returning to Earth. It is a time for gratitude for the abundance and great harvest we have in our lives. This is a great time to look at what burdens we have been carrying. Are they necessary? Is it time to be like a leaf and let them go of our old habits to create new ones. Here are some self-care tips to assist you in making these transitions. Happy Fall!
A Self-Care Harvest

By Judy Bernard EAMP, MAc, Senior Licensed Faculty, Certified Acutonics® Practitioner

I Am Grateful And Peaceful

Anxiety, Worry, Overwhelm

Harmonic Essentials® Oils: Earth and Venus on KID 1 and LIV 3
Chimes of Ohm and Venus
Ohm and Venus Forks on KID 1, LIV 3, LIV 8, REN MAI, REN 4, REN 17, Yin Tang
Mars and Venus Forks on KID 1, LIV 3, P 6 and SJ 5
Singing bowl on belly
Breathe deeply

I Release The Weight of the World

Shoulder Pain, Neck Pain

Harmonic Essentials® Oils: Saturn and Venus on LIV 3 and LI 4
Zodiac 3rd on GB 40, GB 2,1 SJ 5, DU MAI
Saturn and Venus on YANG QIAO, P 1, LU 3, UB 10, UB 60
Singing bowl on belly

I Speak My Truth

(Jaw Pain, TMJ, Teeth and Gum Problems

Zodiac 3rd on LIV 3, LI 4, DAI MAI, ST 6, ST 4, GB 9, GB 12
Jupiter and Sedna ST 9, ST 7, SI 17, SJ 17, REN 17
Harmonic Essentials® Oils: Jupiter and Mercury on LIV 3 and L I4
Chimes of Jupiter and Mercury over chakras starting at crown

I Go With The Flow And The Universe Supports Me

Physical and Emotional Tension, High Blood Pressure, Control Issues

Harmonic Essentials® Oils: Saturn and Venus on KID 1 and LIV 3
Zodiac 3rd on LIV 1, LIV 3, SP 21, GB 21, ST 36, GB 34, GB 39
Neptune and Ohm on KID 10, H 7, REN MAI, DU MAI, REN 17, Yin Tang
HF Forks Neptune and Ohm over Chakras starting at crown
Harmonic Essentials Oil: Neptune on DU 26 and KID1

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