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Sun: The Star We Know Best

1 Aug, 2017
The Sun is the center of our universe, around which all other planets evolve. The most basic qualities of the Sun relate to the self, vision, illumination, numinosity, enlightenment, consciousness, collective consciousness, the father, the divine child, and the solar hero. The movement of the Sun through the zodiac also provides a perennial reenactment of the cycles of life, birth, death, and rebirth. The Sun helps us be fully aware and truly conscious, able to access the prophetic nature of Apollo to find our own truth and innate potential.

Accessing the Field of all Possibilities

1 Aug, 2017
As Acutonics practitioners, we use sound as a vehicle to create vibratory states that aid in healing and transformation. From Acutonics Level I, we work with intervals created through the combination of two tuning forks to create “spaces in between”. These spaces contain overtones that create portals into other realms of being and extra-dimensionality. In Acutonics Level II, we access ancient wisdom traditions and introduce shamanic tools as a way to connect with frequencies of divine vibration. Tibetan bowls and bells, drums, didgeridoos and other healing instruments from a variety of cultures are explored. These sound tools are often used in daily shamanic practices as a method for shifting consciousness, and reaching higher level of resonance with the divine realms. Fortunately, today we have growing awareness and vision within science that has moved beyond Newtonian principles to incorporate these ancient wisdom practices that were previously classified as religious, spiritual, or superstitious.

Sedna, Non-duality & Connection Through the Field

1 Jul, 2017
Non-duality can be described as non-separation—what we might think of as the Wu Qi or the Tao, the undifferentiated oneness. It is in this field of oneness that we find the origins of our commonality. It’s here that we are free from the distinctions of self and other, that we realize our connection to the universal expression of life force. We have found the frequency of Sedna to be extraordinarily resonant with this energy and often include her in sessions with this in mind. Sedna manifests the confluence of the active energy of super-conduction and the energy of grounding, nurturing, and connection to the deepest yin. She is both activating, upward and outward moving and consolidating, cooling and grounding. Sedna manifests the stillness that brings forth powerful awakening, the seed that after stillness and consolidation, germinates and rises upward to express its full potential.

Traveling Gongs

1 Jul, 2017
Judy Bernard a Licensed Acutonics teacher and senior faculty member travels extensively with her gongs. She shared this recent adventure with us. "About a year ago I moved to Nashville, Tennessee, not a place I’d given much thought to or even wanted to visit. We were brought here by my Beloved’s work, and after finding a place to live I began to research things to do in the area. I was really pleased to discover the Nashville Chooses Peace Festival. None of our belongings had arrived yet, no gongs to create a booth, so I decided to volunteer and have fun. I met the most amazingly kindhearted group of people that have become my best friends here. I must say Nashville is the kindest city I have ever been too. I had found my pod!"

Connecting With Our Heart Field

1 Jun, 2017
With the approach of summer, the time of the fire element, the energy of our hearts is at its highest potential. What better time to enhance our understanding of and connection to the spirit and field of the heart. It is said that the heart spirit, the shen, is a spark of the fire of heaven that is bestowed on us by the stars when we are born. In the Chinese, Vedic and Hebrew traditions it is known that this spirit resides in the center of the heart. The shen guides the heavenly spark into expression of our purist potential. It is the seat of inspiration, insight, awareness and compassion.

Using Source Points for Growth and Transformation: Archetypes and Alchemy

1 May, 2017
The heavenly given or original qi is said to be retained and to linger in the “Source Points”. Ordinarily they are thought of as points that provide exceptional access to the channel and organ with which they are associated. Some Chinese medicine references say that the source points of the yin organs tonify the energy of the organ and source points of the yang organs expel pathogens, or release excess in the body.

Mars: Harnessing the Energy of the Warrior

1 Apr, 2017
Mars represents the Warrior archetype. This archetype possesses the capacity for combativeness, ambition, self-preservation (will and ability to survival) and getting what you want. Mars is the personification of Yang energy, the masculine, and sexual energy. It fuels the energy for competition, drive, ego and taking action. Mars is the energy we use when we project ourselves, and our personal power out into the world.

Protocol for Courage and Compassion

1 Mar, 2017
Do you feel upset by the news? Feel impotent and fearful? Perhaps you feel like Kali or Jupiter – wrathful and prone to flinging thunderbolts? It is inspiring to see so many Americans awake and active in defending our Constitution. My favorite bumper sticker from years ago was, “If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention”. Whether you are feeling empowered and ready to become an activist or feeling like you would rather stay home, lock the doors and pull the covers up, this protocol is for you. We are all one…really. The adage “Divide and Conquer” is very important here. It has worked as a way to govern and conquer throughout history. To avoid this: Stay connected to one another and remember our common humanity, rather than our many differences. We are stronger than that.


1 Mar, 2017
In the current climate of uncertainty and upheaval, the ability to trust and allow the flow of the universe to provide inspiration for movement beyond the experience of outer reality has been extraordinarily challenging. Much of what we see at the root of our clients concerns is a kind of fear that seems to come from a disconnection from their own sense of well-being and instinctual power. This sometimes manifests clearly as fear but often as a kind of hypervigelance or an exaggerated need for control.

19th Annual International Energy Psychology Conference

1 Feb, 2017
I have been invited back to offer a new pre-conference program at the 2017 International Energy Psychology Conference, which will be held in San Antonio, Texas. I will be teaching a new one-day, pre-conference seminar, on Thursday, May 18, The Eight Extraordinary Vessels a Gateway to Emotional Health and Consciousness. This is a great opportunity to deepen your understanding of the psycho-spiritual use of the vessels. The full conference dates are May 18-22.

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