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The Heart, The Field and Infinite Possibilities

1 Jun, 2019
The Heart, The Field and Infinite Possibilities

By Jude Ponton, DC, MAc, LAc. & Paul Ponton MAc, LAc, Senior Acutonics Practitioners and Licensed Teachers

When we talk about the heart-field we are focusing on concepts that relate both to the ancient Chinese medicine description of the energetic properties of the heart and to more modern research about the heart’s role in well-being beyond the physical functions. Research done at the Institute of Heart Math as well as information from other so-called “new biology” point to the extraordinary strength and power of the electromagnetic and other subtle energy fields associated with the heart.

Measurements of the energy field of the heart suggest that it extends out several feet from the body. By comparison, the size and strength of the field of the brain is dwarfed by the heart’s field. The heart field has been found to form a torus field (like a donut shape of sorts) around the body and to extend out, some report, twelve or more feet from our physical forms. This means we are constantly coming into contact with the heart fields of others. This is probably the origin of hugging where the heart areas of two people are brought into contact with the embrace.

It has also been discovered that a substantial portion of heart tissue is made up of neural fibers. This finding points to the reason that many mental processes, (such as memory and clarity of thought), are attributed to the heart in Chinese medicine. To paraphrase an old song “the heart has a mind (or brain) of its own”. It may also be the reason we talk about memorizing something so that we know it “by heart”. Cardiac medical centers report that heart transplant recipients can become aware of memories of the heart donor.

We have found that this understanding of the heart, as something more than just a pump to circulate blood, has drawn us more and more into focusing our consciousness, out of our heads and into our heart fields.

The heart field opens our awareness of the field of infinite possibilities. In Level I Acutonics classes we talk about the famous Taoist illustration that starts at the top in the Wu Qi, the undifferentiated oneness, and then separates into the duality of yin and yang, which further divides into the myriad of things (represented by the five elements) that make up our physical reality. Lao Tzu tells us that the Tao that can be described is not the Tao. We take this to mean that it must be experienced directly and is not something our rational mind can fully comprehend. The experience of the Tao, the oneness, unity consciousness is found in the awareness created by listening to our hearts.

In modern physics, this undifferentiated oneness is sometimes referred to as the Zero Point Field or the “Unified Field”.  It is a state of matter in waveform that is changed into particle reality through our consciousness and intention. When we are doing an Acutonics session we set intention and then let go of the left-brain mental function of using the will and “trying” to fix a problem and allow a state of neutrality to manifest.

We drop our awareness into the heart field where infinite possibilities exist, beyond the limitations of our rational mind to perceive them. We allow the abundance and generosity of source energy to find resonance in the vibrations created with the tuning forks and other sound instruments and to bring solutions for our clients on multiple levels.

Physical, emotional and spiritual energies merge in the portals opened in the alternate realities and dimensions that sound creates. It is a place where the perceived duality that separates the practitioner, client and source can disappear and bring a state of unity where the miraculous is possible.

Application of opening and expanding intervals such as Mars/Venus, Venus/Jupiter, Sedna/Venus or Sun/Jupiter on the heart chakra or the Yin Wei extraordinary vessel can assist clients in experiencing these higher states and transcending limitations of physical, particle reality.

We know that many of you are already working from this state of awareness, some through conscious practice and some from a natural tendency to be there.

You are aware that physical, emotional and psychological states are constructs that our consciousness uses as a way of playing in the time and space in which we find ourselves.  The ancient Taoist Wu Qi illustration is a reminder of our higher vibratory natures and the well being that exists at these frequencies. Acutonics gives us tools for bringing resonance to ourselves and to those we serve. The power of our hearts gives us the portal to use these tools to bring healing on all levels.