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Acutonics and Altered States

1 Feb, 2019
Acutonics and Altered States

By Jude Ponton, DC, MAc, LAc & Paul Ponton, MAc, LAc, Senior Licensed Acutonics Teachers and Practitioners

In our Level I Acutonics® classes we emphasize the value of our planetary frequencies to aid in creating altered states of consciousness. These altered states act as portals to new possibilities and new experiences of health and wellbeing. Our clients are able to more easily release old entanglement patterns.

These entanglements result from defaulting to unconscious programmed responses. We react based on previous similar experiences. It’s common for people to spend much of their day reacting to stress using a programmed set of actions, performing activities without much conscious awareness. From this vibrational state it’s easy to simply default to a cycle of repetition of old thoughts and behaviors. The result is an experience of being stuck in the past with no sense of how to move into a different way of being. This pattern is dominated by the high beta brainwave state, which is a high frequency condition that requires a great deal of energy to maintain. Often people feel overwhelmed, frustrated and exhausted.

High beta states are characterized by the “fight or flight” response that prompts release of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenalin. These are chemicals related to our survival mechanism that is activated during stressful situations. When our bodies are operating from survival state, there is no energy available for creation. New patterns are not materializing because the energy is not there to bring them to manifestation. Additionally, we become dependent on the adrenalin “rush” to fuel our daily activities. We have all had clients who run on adrenalin until they bottom out and have no energy to function.

The cosmic frequencies of our Acutonics tuning forks, chimes and planetary gongs create shifts in frequency from the high beta state. Clients universally report feelings of deep relaxation during (and often for some time after) Acutonics sessions. This relaxed sensation corresponds to alpha and theta brain wave states. In alpha and theta there is a shift from outer directed consciousness to a more inner directed awareness and intuitive creative non-analytical experience. This alteration of consciousness allows easier access to new possibilities, greater coherence, health and wellbeing. Use of Ohm forks for self care can act as support for maintaining access to these more relaxed states.

The extraordinary vessels are important portals to higher consciousness. They are the first emanation from Source and connect us with our primal limitless spirit. The Chong Mai, for example, is the first of the vessels to develop from the Wu Qi. It connects us to our deepest nature. The Chong Mai allows us to move beyond the dualism of judgment and suffering and return to our original state. It connects to the heart and helps us to realize our potential for growth and expansion. Intervals using Sedna as the tonic enhance the connection to non-duality. Sedna/New Moon can be used to open this connection and Sedna/Venus for accessing the unified field of love and compassion.

The Yin Wei Mai is opened through the Inner Gate Point (P 6) and is a portal to the memories stored in our hearts that help us to open our access to the entire heart field. Sedna/New Moon can be used for opening and Sedna/Jupiter to create expansion into the field.

Examining the characteristics and energetics of the other extraordinary vessels will provide insight into creative interval selection to provide access to altered states.

The chakras are powerful energetic portals to other-dimensional awareness. Planetary signatures can inform choices for Chakra activation.

The Huato Jiaji points are especially useful for integrating new frequencies of consciousness that are being experienced. Chiron and Nibiru can be helpful in this process.

Acutonics provides exceptional connection to and coherent integration with transformative states of being.