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Playing in the Field: Change the Field to Change Matter

1 May, 2019
Playing in the Field: Change the Field to Change Matter

By Jude Ponton, DC, LAc & Paul Ponton LAc, Senior Acutonics Practitioners and Teachers

In Level II of Acutonics we expand our practice to include accessing ancient knowledge by introducing Shamanic tools as a way to connect with frequencies of divine vibration. Tibetan bowls, drums, didgeridoos and other healing instruments utilize wisdom from a variety of cultures that work with sound as a method for experiencing altered states of consciousness.

Einstein said, “The field is the sole governing agency of the particle.” The field creates material reality. We now have language from disciplines that have moved beyond Newtonian scientific principles to define new visions of science that begin to incorporate the ancient wisdom that was previously classified as religious, spiritual, or superstitious.

The Taoists refer to the Wu Qi, which is commonly translated as “the infinite”. It describes a ground state of undifferentiated oneness from which the duality of yin and yang emerge to separate further into “the myriad” or “the millions”, the material or shared reality that makes up our physical existence. We see this same concept defined as “zero point field” in quantum physics, or as the “field of infinite potential” or “the field of all possibilities” in more common usage. This is the field that fills the spaces in-between. It is the place we can access through vibration, assisted by conscious intent to shift patterns of information that manifest both physically and non-physically.

A ground breaking study published in 1947 by Harold Saxton Burr examined the electromagnetic fields of a group of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer and found that these women’s uteruses had an electromagnetic signature that was different from the electromagnetic charge of healthy uteruses. Burr followed this by observing the charges of the uteruses of a group of women who did not have a diagnosis of uterine cancer. The women in this group who were apparently healthy but exhibited the electromagnetic signature of uterine cancer later went on to develop it. Cancer was displayed in the energy field before it showed up in the cells. It was in the field before it showed up in material form. The field acted as the template for the coalescence of matter. Burr’s conclusion was that changes in the field will produce changes in matter.

Accessing the field with frequencies of planetary tuning forks, Tibetan bowls, drums, rattles and other instruments opens portals to possibilities of transformation and well- being beyond what we or our clients can imagine.

Sometimes clients will reach a sort of “plateau” in working with an imbalance or manifestation. They have experienced consistent shifting and then things seem not to change much. We have often found that by deliberately directing our attention to working in their subtle fields, we can access information that revives and expands change. For example, sometimes after treatment for physical trauma, like an auto accident or a fall there is remaining discomfort that doesn’t seem to resolve. Disruption of the subtle energy fields often accompanies physical trauma, so working to repair the fields will release patterns that interfere with full recovery.

The field also contains old thought forms and beliefs that can create emotional, spiritual and physical manifestations. When people are working on expanding consciousness and creating transformation, we can use our planetary frequencies and vibrational tools to help break up old patterns and facilitate expansion and smooth flow of energy. We can illuminate new pathways and activate access to new grids and templates.

It’s been said that everything is light and information. We often use the high frequency Mercury and Sun2 to connect these essential elements. High octave Ohm/Uranus 5th can break up old patterns. Ohm/Neptune 5th allows easy flow into new ways of becoming. Sun/Jupiter 5th helps us access the expansive fields of our hearts (especially if done over the heart chakra). Ohm/Sedna microtone helps to access connection between the liquid crystal matrix or our body’s connective tissue and the matrix of the field of all possibility.  These are just a few examples of how we use planetary frequencies in the field.

The forks can be directed over specific points or chakras. The Huato Jiaji points integrate new frequencies and so, are often useful. We frequently work in areas of the field that draw our attention energetically. Sometimes we connect an area directly over a point on the body with a point a distance off the body where the vibrations of the forks seem to have a special resonance with each other. Paying attention to the feeling of the energy guides us to the proper locations.

While the high frequency forks are especially suited to the frequencies of the subtle fields, middle frequencies do have an effect. It should also be said that we always pay attention to grounding the client’s energy in their body and working with middle and low frequency forks on body.

Helping to create energy communication and integration with the field of all possibilities creates potential for expanded physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.