Eric Meyers, MA - Saturn in Capricorn: Overcoming Fear

Eric Meyers, MA - Saturn in Capricorn: Overcoming Fear

The passage of Saturn through Capricorn these next couple years is inexorably tied to Pluto, which is currently transiting through the middle degrees of the sign. The Saturn/Pluto combination tends to manifest (Saturn) psychologically intense (Pluto) realities. The pair were last in opposition in 2001, which not only correlates with 9/11, but the intense fear of terrorism and foreigners, as well as the draconian political steps taken to allay such fear. They were last conjunct in the early 1980s at the height of the Cold War and the proliferation of AIDS. I remember seeing a movie called, The Day After (1983), which was about a nuclear holocaust. An estimated 100 million people saw the initial broadcast, which far surpasses The Beatles on Ed Sullivan. During both of these times the collective consciousness was in a palpable state of fear.

Those familiar with my work understand that I do not see any astrology whatsoever as positive or negative. Planetary energy connects and partners with our consciousness and plays out contingent on our management. There is always a profound evolutionary purpose (conscious expression), and there is also the reality that we are collectively not yet enlightened (unconscious expression), so any astrological event usually manifests along a broad spectrum of consciousness. There is plenty of doom and gloom available with the Saturn/Pluto combination, and you are likely to see that forecasted elsewhere and probably evident to some degree with events. I'd like to focus on the evolutionary purpose of the exchange.

We are learning to overcome fear, which stems from the personality's desire to survive and maintain happiness. Both of these needs are unrealistic. Nobody here gets out alive, and the human condition is typified by the duality of dark and light. There is day and night, summer and winter, the human system is organized in a biorhythm connected to this interplay. To expect only daytime or summer is immaturely evading reality. Saturn/Pluto challenges us to mature (Saturn) in acceptance of the dark (Pluto), to learn to be with all facets of the human condition.

Sometimes buildings need to come down in order to make room for new ones. Sometimes paradigms need to collapse in order for updates to have room to flourish. Sometimes there is political or social chaos for us to figure out reorganization. People die and that's the way of it. Endings and death is as much a part of life as birth and beginnings.

Fear is optional and completely unnecessary. The key is TO TRUST LIFE, that is our great collective challenge these next couple of years. Can you trust that, yes, there is a purpose to everything? Can you abide with the natural cyclic rhythm of dark and light, to honor the complementary forces of both destruction and construction? Have you accepted your mortality? Are you at peace with the unconsciousness on the planet and in yourself?

Spiritual teacher Byron Katie says, "When I argue with reality I lose, but only 100% of the time." We are being challenged to fully accept reality, in fact to see the perfection in it. Fear is an illusory ghost that haunts the personality. It is being negotiated these next couple of years on our way towards broader spiritual realization.

A new day is dawning in the 2020s, the motion of new progressive cycles, optimism and creation. Until then, we are going to say goodbye to what needs to die. Let us embrace it with trust and wisdom. Blessings.

Eric’s approach to astrology in the 21st Century incorporates spirituality, science and psychology to empower each one of us to live in co-creative harmony with nature. To learn more about Eric’s work on Facebook or visit his website.

"The impact of this class has provided me with a way of expanding my practice in Hawaii. I have a deeper understanding of the meridians as well as being made aware of the art of creating a healing space for patients. Sue (Wadden) is fabulous and articulate. There was a lot of Aloha in this class"

- Dess