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Dragon as Guardian and Protector of the Three Treasures

11 Apr, 2020
Dragon as Guardian and Protector of the Three Treasures

The dragon in Chinese mythology is fierce by nature and has an inherent desire to protect treasures as well as humans, and to guide their souls. Where the Christian and chivalric traditions have distorted and portrayed dragons as evil for their own agenda, like they have with the snake, in the Orient, the dragons symbolize, power, wisdom, strength, and hidden knowledge, that helps us to connect with our untamed nature, our true essence, our own wellsprings of creation. Dragons were highly revered representing terrestrial and celestial power. When dragons reach a certain age, they develop wings and take on more responsibility.

Yinglong, the winged dragon, powerful servant of the Yellow Emperor Huang Di was immortalized, similar to canonization.  It was Yinglong who helped Yu stop the yellow river from flooding by digging the channels with his tail.  He traced the first meridian maps. He is the oldest of all the eastern dragons, and appears in many myths and legends.

Other dragons like the Dragon Kings rule over the seas of the 4 directions and have the ability to shapeshift into human form, when not found in their crystal palaces guarded by shrimp soldiers and crab generals. There are spiritual dragons and underground dragons, and dragons that pull the chariots for the gods, dragons that guard buried treasures like the earths precious resources and the ones humans greedily hoard, dragons that preside over the directions, that live in mountains and rivers and oceans. They are here to help, and are said to be able to make themselves as large as the universe and small as a silkworm.

As you take time to meditate, invoke the dragon as a protector of your physical space, and a true unifier of the inter-connected realms of Heaven, Earth and Humanity. Dragon energy may also aid in creating an energetic shield between you and the electromagnetic realms.

We have a limited supply of professional quality embossed Dragon Tinchas, with Ohm etchings in Tibetan script. The Ohm inscription represents harmony, peace and the infinite energy of the Universe. We are offering these, with a beautiful storage bad at a very special price to help with the protection of your treasures—your heart, your soul, your spirit and your physical and etheric space.

Drawing of Gaunyin from Pinterest.