Debra Kaatz Profile Author Characters of Wisdom: Taoist Tales of the Acupuncture Points

Debra Kaatz is a spiritual Renaissance woman. A prolific author, of titles such as Characters of Wisdom: Taoist Tales of the Acupuncture Points, Receiving Spirit—The Practice of Five Element Acupuncture, and The Alchemical Path, all with master Chinese calligrapher Harrison Xinshi Tu, and an equally prolific reader (she tries to read a book a day). Shaman, gardener, healer, musician, and acupuncturist, she has also gone on sacred climbs in Mexico’s Sierra Mountains with the Huichol shaman Don Loupe, ascended China’s Mount Huashan (home of Daoist temples since the 1230’s and where her discussions with the peak’s Daoist masters led to The Alchemical Path), studied with Sufi masters and whirling dervishes in Turkey including deep spiritual experiences at the grave of Rumi, studied Buddhist healing practices at some of Tibet’s monasteries, spent time with Vietnamese Buddhist monk, writer, and activist Thich Nhat Hanh in Bordeaux, France, learned about five element acupuncture with Suzanne Burnell and  J.R. Worsley, set up a Spiritual Healing Arts Society, and, until moving back to England from France several years ago, she rehabilitated a ruin, started a booming medicinal garden, and founded a school.

Not bad for an American from the Rocky Mountains.

Currently living and working in England, Debra continues to garden, read, write, works in her craft workshop designing anything from patchwork quilts to amazing calligraphies and each month offers an integrated weekend of Five Element Acupuncture with tuning forks, gongs, and healing bowls, meditation, sacral-cranial body work and plant spirits.

West to East: I was born in Denver, Colorado. My mother was a housewife and enjoyed lunching with the ladies. My father owned Denver Hardware. My two brothers and my sister worked in the family business and raised their children, most of whom still live in Denver.

In my youth, I liked to read and write, garden and climb mountains. I lived in Denver until I was 17, when I left school having finished all my studies. I then went to England to study at the University of East Anglia in Norwich.

I got my BA from East Anglia and a DPhil from Oxford. I also did independent research into the Chinese characters of the acupuncture points which was one of the tasks I think I came into the world to do.

Forks: I first came across Acutonics in about 2004, when I integrated the forks into my acupuncture and sacral-cranial work. Donna and Ellen also enjoyed using my book on the spirits of the points with their students, so it was a very creative exchange. We were able to meet once in England when they were overseeing their new gongs in northern Germany and briefly stopped off in England. It was near Stonehenge so I also spent time with the magic of the stones.

Integrate, Harmonize, Regenerate: The forks are a very integrative healing energy in themselves. When they are used on the acupuncture points, charkas, and other healing areas of the body and its energetic outer protective Chi, they harmonize and regenerate energy, which helps to bring back balance to the person. They also are a tool that can help the soul move further on its path. I often use the planetary forks with meditations to integrate mind, body and spirit with the universe.

Natural Learning, Learning Healing, Teaching Healing: I have always been able to heal. I came into this incarnation with that ability. I have been able to work with many healers to develop that ability and now teach many students.

I have worked with various healers all over the world including China, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Tibet, and learned from both Thich Nhat Hanh and the Dalai Lama. I have also taught in many countries in the world.

The Energetics Of The Forks: I am a Five Element acupuncturist, sacral cranial body worker, and plant spirit practitioner, using the forks to activate points and the spirit of people I work with. I do teach many students. Each of my students uses the forks in their own special way. There are many ways of using energy, and we are only just opening up the possibilities.

Special Students, Special Beings: I like expanding the creativity and individuality of students and seeing them becoming their own special beings with their own special healing abilities

The Tools Know More Than We Do: I use gongs, Tibetan healing bowls, and crystal bowls and prayer to expand the energy into higher realms, which know more what they are doing than I do.

Music As Healing: I am also a musician and know the healing work of music for others. The forks are just a way of more specifically reminding the body of its links to the music of the universe and all its potential. When we have a glimpse of that it can take us a long way.

Ding-Dong Magic: People of all ages enjoy learning and receiving what they call my ding-dong magic and warm hands body work. All people are individual and wonderful packages of mind, body and spirit. This uniqueness always gives me a sense of awe, wonder and delight.

Energetic Inspiration: I live and work in Cornwall in England where the sea, sun, and sky are always magnificent energetic inspirations.

I am currently renovating an old house in Cornwall in England. In France where I previously lived, I renovated a house out of four ruined walls, largely myself, while living in a garden shed that I also built. I read a book a day, run a craft workshop, keep track of the Petite Bergerie Press, go for wonderful walks, and play violin, cello, piano, and organ for the church, weddings, etc. I also write a book a year at least.

The Future Of Acutonics: I think there are simply more people doing the work in amazing ways. May it continue in its expansiveness and wonders.

"This is a great course with materials not only totally related to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) but also with lots of great information and material which will broaden and further expand the effectiveness of acupuncture"

- Susanna