Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine

Profiles for March, 2018

Carmen Cicotti, LMP, CAcP, Senior Faculty

1 Mar, 2018
The beauty of working with sound is that it’s a carrier wave between heaven and earth. Between that which is seen and unseen. And it contains all the different modalities. It’s the universal language. It’s Chinese medicine, it’s Jungian, it’s acupuncture, it’s everything. All of it’s there—science, art, spirituality.

DahVid Weiss, Acutonics Teacher/Practitioner

1 Feb, 2018
As I have seen Acutonics grow, way back when, people were coming for acupuncture and I’d take out my tuning forks and they’d say, You want to do what with who? Now, it’s become widely accepted as we empower ourselves to take responsibility of our own health. And people are more and more open to vibrational medicine. And to self-care. Self-care is very empowering.