Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine

Profiles for September, 2019

Eeka King’s Journey with Acutonics®: Faculty Profile

1 Sep, 2019
Eeka King is an experienced acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner, nationally licensed (in Australia) with AHPRA and a member of AACMA. She has completed extensive training in astrology and has been a seeker of spiritual and esoteric wisdom since her teens. In clinical practice for more than fifteen years, she sees clients at Bayside Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Clinic, Brunswick Heads (near Byron Bay), Australia and also offers Acutonics sessions from her private studio space. As a senior licensed Acutonics faculty member for the past six years, Eeka offers the full Acutonics curriculum. Many of her students are near completion of the full certification program, and she will be starting new groups through certification this fall. Her upcoming classes can be found below.

MichelAngelo, M.F.A., Medical Astrologer, Sound Healer, Author, Teacher

1 Sep, 2019
MichelAngelo, long-time member of the extended Acutonics® family, has a new book of astrological essays that is available on Amazon. Random Ramblings of an Astrological Autodidact is self-reflective and insightful. The essays are engaging and thoughtful offering in-depth analysis of multiple horoscopes including those of rock stars such as Elton John and Elvis Presley as well as authors, composers, and other individuals of note. Given his astrological specialty, a number of these essays focus on medical conditions, accidents and premature deaths. There is tremendous depth in these wide ranging case examples of peoples’ lives viewed with an astrological lens. Big congratulations to MichelAngelo for the Five Star reviews on Amazon.