Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine

Profiles for November, 2016

Student Feature: Amanda Simon, Acutonics Student from the UK visits the Mothership

1 Nov, 2016
Recently Amada Simon was here visiting from England. Coming to the Mothership was a focal point as she planned a yearlong retreat to focus on sculpture, drawing and writing. Her stops in the US included a trip to New York, time here in New Mexico, and then on to Texas, South America and many other parts of the world. Amanda is a student of Joanie Solaini and she has completed Acutonics Level I & II.

Judy Bernard: There Before Acutonics Was Even Acutonics

1 Nov, 2016
If it hadn’t been for the burning rice fields in Chico, California, Judy Bernard might never have gotten into Acutonics. Mm, probably an over exaggeration. But when your eventual profession isn’t even a profession, when it’s not a major and it’s still in its infancy, when it doesn’t yet have a name, chances are you’re gonna find your way to it in a rather circuitous-fortuitous manner. The way Judy Bernard did.