Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine

Profiles for March, 2022

Nicole Broadus, Acutonics® Student Profile

1 Mar, 2022
Nicole Broadus is currently an Acutonics student intern, she lives in Virginia with her husband of nearly twenty years and their 14-year-old daughter. She has lived and worked in Arizona, Northern California, North Carolina, and Virginia. She began her studies in October of 2019 in Maryland, with Valentina Morani. A few months after this class with the Covid 19 lockdown in full swing, she continued her studies with Katie Mink and Laurie Herron, as well as Mary Burke Kelly, Theresa Lee Morris, DahVid Weiss and Donna and Ellen, taking live Acutonics classes on Zoom. Currently she is working on her thesis, assisted by her thesis mentor Katie Mink in an exploration of Acutonics for the treatment of Long Covid.