Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine

Profiles for August, 2017

Valentina Morani and Acutonics—Of Course

1 Aug, 2017
Valentina “Tina” Morani learned about Acutonics—first hand—in 2006. Back then she was just getting into her first semester at the Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder, Colorado observing in the student clinic. That’s when one of the College’s teachers (and Acutonics teacher) Sylvia Pelcz-Larsen brought in the tuning forks. “I remember seeing how powerful the treatment was,” Tina recalls today from her home in Chestertown, Maryland, where she grew up and runs her own acupuncture and Acutonics practice. I really want to do this, she thought to herself. But not right now. So she put it aside. She graduated. She got her practice going back in Chestertown.

Laura Herman, Acutonics Student Intern

1 Aug, 2017
Laura Herman has been practicing Acutonics techniques for over eleven years. She lives in a small house surrounded by trees, a creek, and many wild animals. This quiet setting is perfect for meditation, yoga, reading and writing. Recently retired she intends to focus on her writing (currently working on two novels) and to continue with her hobbies, which include hiking, photography and book club. Recently retired from a 31-year teaching career, Laura Herman and her husband Mike Aplet recently stopped by the Mothership. They are on a postretirement, somewhat spontaneous camping trip across the Southwest and on toward Chicago to visit with their daughter Naomi, and then back west to Seattle.