Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine

Profiles for July, 2017

Dr. Birch Storey on Acutonics’ and the Spaces in Between

1 Jul, 2017
“Sound,” says Dr. Birch Storey, “is to the nervous system as food is to the body.” Which is about as good an analogy as there is for the basis of Acutonics and sound healing. “And what makes Acutonics unique among sound therapies,” she adds, “is the cross-cultural and mathematical impact of the interval that is created when two tuning forks are used together.” Birch should know. She’s been teaching Acutonics for almost twelve years, and like many an Acutonics teacher, practitioner and client, has had an open mind, a curious mind, all her life. One that has led her to many places, many modalities, before landing on what she feels has been “the greatest medium, method and mentor of my life—Acutonics.”

Sherry Schnell: Student Intern and Licensed Acutonics® Level I & II Teacher

1 Jul, 2017
An online search for a program that incorporates sound and music led Sherry Schnell to Acutonics. “I had been dealing with serious health challenges for many years and knew that music made me feel better”, stated Sherry. I looked at many programs but Acutonics felt right; once I started working with the tools I knew it was right.“ Sherry always had a connection to music, which grew when she recognized that listening to music helped relieve her pain.