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Acutonics Student Profile: John Rosan aka Tone

1 May, 2017
John Rosan (Tone) is a Level IV Student Practitioner of Acutonics. He has studied here at the Mothership and it has truly been a pleasure getting to know him. John and his wife Abby are based in Lakewood, Colorado where they offer private healing sessions, performances, workshops and retreats from their home office, and anywhere that sound happens around the globe and beyond!
Acutonics Student Profile: John Rosan aka Tone

John Rosan (Tone) is a Level IV Student Practitioner of Acutonics. He has studied here at the Mothership and it has truly been a pleasure getting to know him. John and his wife Abby are based in Lakewood, Colorado where they offer private healing sessions, performances, workshops and retreats from their home office, and anywhere that sound happens around the globe and beyond!

John Rosan also known as Tone discovered Acutonics right around the time of his 36th birthday. For many years he has been a student of planetary geometry, sound and the human physio-energetic systems. He likens his discovery of the Acutonics website to Harry Potter’s discovery of Hogwarts.

Tone has been involved with music and sound for as long as he can remember. “My grandmother sang to me, my father played guitar, and I grew up playing music, which led me to an understanding that there is more to music than music. It’s about how vibration can affect you and the experience of it.” Tone spent his first ten years in Orange County California and then moved to Hawaii when he was eleven. He grew up listening to all kinds of music including the Beatles, Oingo Boingo, Rap and Hip-Hop, Hard Rock, Electronic and Punk music. “In California music was everywhere – but in Maui I tuned in to music in a different way and began to play the ukulele. Hawaii was a deeper and more powerful experience of music; everyone was playing music; it is part of the culture. I played the violin and cello in grade school and the ukulele and guitar in high school. As a ha’ole (Hawaiian slang for a non-native which translates to ‘breathless’); I learned to integrate Hawaiian music in my own way.”

Tone, who loves to write, moved to Eugene Oregon where he attended the school of journalism for a year. He also spent a year and a half in Eugene, where he met a good friend who helped him bridge between the mainland and Hawaii. When his parents left the islands to relocate to Denver, Tone decided to move there too transferring to the University of Colorado, which has a great music and engineering school. He had the opportunity to study audio engineering and recording, sound reinforcement, and how to make things sound good, which had real appeal.

John has played in bands and sung with other people. But, after his first year of college he knew there was something more to explore than just the way the singer sounds. “I had an experience at a Tool concert which might be called an awakening or Kundalini rising, I felt a rush of crazy energy fill my body from my feet to my crown that was deeply awakening. I was totally sober and it was a very cathartic experience that led me to immerse myself in trying to understand where this energy is coming from, what did this very personal experience with music signify? I began to attended seminars and workshops to explore sacred sound, not just the mundane or the candy cane, but the genuine power of sound that moves or heals you”.

After college, in addition to his pursuit of music Tone found himself working in the natural foods industry, where he has remained for more than a decade. “I like to nurture and help people feel good and working with organic foods is a passion for me. Currently I’m working at Whole Foods in Golden.”

Tone met his wife Abby in 2008 at the 9-day Healing Sounds Intensive run by Jonathan Goldman at Sunrise Ranch in Colorado. “Abby and I were both camping and we became friends, she’s an amazing individual.” After the healing sounds intensive Tone began to host new moon toning circles and he discovered that great things happen when people come together to make sound. “It was really rewarding to do group work with a common intention. A lot of people who may or may not have a set spiritual practice can learn to use sound to ground into their body and center oneself. After an hour sound meditation you just feel better.”

The retreat also proved to be a culmination for his ongoing exploration of the different relationships between sound, geometry, and astronomy that Tone has been exploring since 2001. “I had been studying the movement of the planets and reflecting on whether they were actually making amazing cords in the sky.”

Around 2009 Tone connected with a friend who was practicing Acutonics and had a Sedna gong. “I didn’t know what it was, or that there was a school and certification program, but an hour and a half flew past. Before I met her I had discovered that some of my singing bowls and didgeridoo were tuned to various planets. I had also used other tuning forks – but felt that they were beyond me; I had no idea what I was doing. I thought, I don’t know how to drive this and so I let it sit in the garage for a bit. A few years passed, and I knew that I really wanted to take my healing work to another level, to do it professionally, and still combine it with my love of music.”

Tone started to look for a school where he could deepen his knowledge of the applied use of sound vibration in a clinical setting. “So many people do healing touch or Reiki or call themselves sound healers, but I felt it was important to genuinely study so that I could truly help people in a positive way. I was looking for something on-line and found Acutonics. Oh my god, I didn’t know it existed, didn’t realize there was a school. The evidence for the efficacy of this method is so strong, planets, what they effect, what they rule.” Although Tone was starting to figure things out on his own, when he found the Acutonics program he knew that he had to study this work. “Even though I wasn’t financially ready as a 35-year old husband and father of two beautiful girls, with a lot of debt, I knew I had to do it, as it was a great culmination. Studying at the Mothership and learning what Ellen and Donna have been exploring for more than twenty years was such a deep experience.” Since his first classes Tone has been working two jobs focused on clearing debt. He is also playing in a band and seeing clients and did 35-45 sessions last year.

Since 2015 Tone has immersed himself in studying the relationship between the meridians and the planets. Exploring common themes in the world to get a deeper sense that there is a larger field of consciousness, and many commonalities that emerge, when you examine astrological and astronomical events. “It is like building a new house where you start with an idea and then let the body take you where it needs to go,” states Tone. He adds, “Sound has taught me to be more present, to help people in a lot of different ways. In my Acutonics studies, learning the Extraordinary Vessels and supporting points, I was finally able to give clients immediate relief from acute and chronic conditions. And by learning about the planetary rulerships therein, I was able to assist clients to unravel and mend energetic issues that were the source of their physical manifestations in a much more direct and focused manner.”

Acutonics tuning forks are also being used by Tone in concerts along with some other instruments such as gongs and the didgeridoo; he is also interested in creating soundscapes with the planetary tools and envisions bringing them together in a live format for groups. He states: “Even though we may use the same tools every musical event is different. We have some idea of where to start but it evolves outward every time, reflective of the group dynamics and intention as well as astrological events.”

Tone is committed to finishing the entire Acutonics program with a goal to finish his studies by 2020. He is quite clear that he doesn’t want to just get through it, he wants to really explore the depth of curriculum, deepen his knowledge as a practitioner, and become a fully Certified Acutonics® Practitioner. He plans to record music that people can use in private ways for their own health. Tone also intends to continue to treat clients one-on-one and he and has had some really powerful experiences doing joint sessions with Abby.

“It is truly awesome how the forks have helped me to work on myself. I quit smoking. We also cleaned up our diet as a family. A lot of it happened as a result of this work. I have eczema issues, and small intestine stuff, I see where something will come up and I am able to address it. How simple but complex it can be, to truly understand the flow of energy between the two forks, the intervals and the octaves. Science still focuses on destroy versus retune. Acutonics helps us bring it back to health and holism, entrainment, the ability to use sound to move into a positive place is incredibly empowering,” Tone states.

Tone envisions an approach to health care from a more musical perspective. “I liken healing work to the process of retuning an instrument. When an instrument goes out of tune in an orchestra we retune it instead of silencing it. I appreciate that we can work with sound tools in a safe and effective ways and we have a lot of resources to bring the body back into balance or tune. Sound, like sonar in water, helps us to identify truth that we may not be able to see.”

Reflecting on Acutonics and the future Tone stated that his experience is one of openness and passion, a sense of love and coming home. “It feels like a place to be safe and discuss important stuff in a way that is respectful, people seek answers and want to collaborate on a deep level. There is a feeling of togetherness and community that I crave, and it exists here, and we get to share it with each other. There is so much fear about the world we live in, but Acutonics is real, not just a figment of our imaginations, and I am very excited to be a part of its future. And to heal the world with sound!”