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Winter Solstice—The Still Point

7 Dec, 2021
Winter Solstice—The Still Point

By Jude Ponton, DC, LAc, Mac, Senior Acutonics Practitioner, Licensed Acutonics Faculty

As we approach Winter Solstice daylight time is growing increasingly shorter. Today in the Pacific Northwest where I live, sunrise to sunset will last less than 9 hours. We spend more of our time surrounded by Yin energy, the energy of consolidation, rest, and nurturance. In ancient cultures, people followed this flow and after the harvest they used this as a time to celebrate the concepts of death and rebirth. Nature had delivered its bounty and released energy back into the earth to nourish new growth in the Spring.

The day of Winter Solstice is the day of shortest light, the pivot point when the zenith of Yin shifts to the reawakening of Yang. We have an opportunity to realign with our divine spark, our destiny, a portal to new potential. If we use our opportunity to nurture this spark it can enlighten our understanding of what no longer serves us and what contains the matrix of new possibilities. This time of stillness can be a powerful time of allowing our reconnection to and truest expression of Source. This is of extraordinary importance in the challenging times we have been navigating.

Here are some suggestions for using our cosmic frequencies to aid in alignment with our destiny during this pivotal period.

The Microcosmic Orbit balances the flow of the Yin and Yang energies and connects them in our bodies. Activate the Ren extraordinary vessel with the New Moon 5th for opening, Full Moon/Venus and Sedna/Venus for building and supporting the Yin. Treat the Du vessel with the New Moon 5th, Solar 7th, and Mars/Venus to build and support the Yang. Since we are working with deep primordial energy, the low frequency forks are preferable.

The Huato Jiaji points help to integrate new frequencies. Mars/Venus can be used to integrate new expressions of Yin and Yang.

Winter is the season of the water element so using kidney points combines this energetic with the connection of the kidney with the Zhi –the will to fulfill our destiny. Points like KID 3, KID 6, UB 23, REN 4 KID 27 are good choices using Mars/Venus, Sedna/Venus, Venus/Earth Day, Venus/Full Moon, Venus/Hygiea.

Working with high frequency forks in the subtle fields is also useful because the Field is the supporting energy for particle manifestations. High frequency Mars/Venus, Venus/Sedna, Venus/Hygiea 3 are some suggestions.

My wish is that this Solstice is a time of joy, harmony, abundance, and peace and acts as a portal to a time of coherence in the collective. To this community, words are not adequate to express my gratitude to everyone for their kindness and support during the most difficult and challenging time in my life. You have truly been a gift to me.

Jude Ponton, DC, LAc, MAc, is a chiropractic physician and acupuncturist. She is a co-author of Acutonics from Galaxies to Cells, Galaxies to Cells Case Study Companion Guide, and Acutonics for Small Animals. In clinical practice at Whispering Dragon in Seattle, WA, she also teaches the full Acutonics curriculum and is a mentor to students. Contact Jude at, 206-706-2836,