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What Elk Say About Fires

19 Sep, 2022
What Elk Say About Fires

Donna Carey

Let’s go to safety
Out of here
I can’t think. . .
Heat’s all around us
Extinction on the brink


Migration paths
Drink this sacred river water
Then do the math

We keep wisdom of space
Movement of spheres
But must confront
New context is here
Reaction is necessary
Progress imperative

Keep moving
Keep hoping

For humanities new narrative

Exasperating yes
When we should be contemplating
Our own fate
What is extra perception
Reflection when arrival is late


Time to remember deeply
As we run from home, all that was
Not forget what is Green
Remember the template
Remember the dream
The visions
The sacraments
What is unseen
Don’t forget
Trails of high intent
Resist derailing from
Lament all that is here
So dear
So scorched

We are Elk!!!

Receiving humanities messages
Tramping through matchsticks of ruin
reconstructing cultures
excavating ash
we want to roam free
in these pastures and woods
replant for generations
until they have understood
the gift

WE will guard the wilds
the shapes and maps and land
not become jerky
by hunter’s hand

humans’ fascination with
fire and firearms
never ends well
We have our work cut out
Floods are tracking
Erasing all doubt

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