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Weaving Music, Art and Medicine through an Online Portal

14 May, 2020
Weaving Music, Art and Medicine through an Online Portal

By Carmen Cicotti, LMT, CAcP, Senior Licensed Faculty, Clinical Supervisor

I have been teaching Acutonics® for almost 17 years and have incorporated online (live classes) for the past several years. It began when a student from across the country wasn't able to make it to class, due to a change in her school schedule. So, I included her in my classroom via Skype. During these past several years, technology has come a long way. I have worked with several platforms and began using Zoom when they first launched their business. In the beginning, I could only have two or three students at a time without the whole platform or my computer crashing. Since then, I have been meeting with students online who are interested in extracurricular study and guidance, fulfilling their clinical hours, as well as teaching course curriculum classes from time to time. Although there are many benefits to online study, I do feel strongly about having in person contact and instruction, for which I offer the required practicums for online classes as well as student clinics, where students come together, build community, work on each other and with the general public in a supervised clinical setting. This is also the perfect opportunity to visit the beautiful San Juan Islands that I call home.

Some of the benefits of online study students have shared with me along the way are that the interaction feels more intimate, up close and personal, and delivers more like a conversation. Students have also reported that they feel more at ease and able to concentrate and that there are less distractions using the online platform. With the breakout rooms now offered on Zoom students are also able to work in small groups for practice exercises and integration. There is also the added benefit of not having the expense and planning for travel and accommodations.

My main goal in teaching whether online or in person is to inspire students to learn new skills, build confidence, gain experience and discover their creative potential with this wonderful medicine we share. For me, teaching online provides an opportunity to get creative and resourceful in order to make sure these goals are met and that students are able to assimilate the vast amount of information that is presented. 

I currently offer course curriculum classes as well as clinical hours, case study presentations and study groups online through the Zoom platform and presently have a small pod of students who are all working on their clinical hours. I work with these students individually as well as gather together for online group meetings to help them integrate Acutonics into a new or existing practice as well as to align this modality with their Life’s work......weaving music, art and medicine into a harmonic chord that heals, inspires and cultivates vitality, energy and Spirit.

If you are interested in studying with me or want to learn more about what I have to offer, you can connect with me at  or email