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Vibration of Well Being

11 Apr, 2020
Vibration of Well Being

By Jude Ponton, DC, LAc, MAc & Paul Ponton, LAc, MAc, Senior Acutonics Practitioners and Teachers

It is generally thought that the vibrations associated with disease processes like viruses tend to be at the lower end of the frequency range. It follows then that a useful strategy for being resistant to these frequencies is to raise and harmonize our own frequencies, as well as to create coherence with higher frequencies in the subtle fields around us.

Einstein tells us that the field is the “sole governing agency” of particle reality. Changing the field changes the expression at the denser physical levels. This suggests that we can create a vibrational environment in the multi-levels of our bodies that would be out of resonance with the disease process.

The current vibrational environment in the collective, as a result of fear and panic, causes our bodies to shift into “fight or flight” mode and imagine worst-case scenarios. When our bodies go into this survival mode, they produce chemicals that reprioritize our bodies functions to an imminent threat. Unfortunately, the ongoing fear state that exists now shifts us, away, for prolonged periods, from the chemicals that support our immune response to create harmony and strength.

The approaches that the medical community is taking to deal with the particle realities (microbes, vaccines, anti-viral drugs etc,) are all necessary to try to interrupt the spread of illness and survival for both infected and potentially infected people. Equally important, however, is giving attention to the energetic environment so that we are not interrupting the natural immune response inherent in our bodies. These two approaches are not mutually exclusive, they can work together for better outcomes.

As practitioners of Acutonics, we have a unique ability to create coherence in the energetic environment to help ourselves and our clients raise our frequencies so we are more in resonance with health and wellbeing. Self-care is very important to keep ourselves in harmony. We can also offer advice to our clients for their own self-care. Providing Ohm Forks and instruction for self-treatment can be very effective. We can do remote sessions for our clients to support them. We can also join with collective approaches, joining groups who are doing on-line attunements. All of this helps us to align with the higher frequencies present in the Unified Field and create greater potential for personal and global wellness.

You can use points and intervals to address respiratory or other signs of distress at the physical level, but be mindful of the larger energetic picture as well.

Employ the power of the energies of the universe. Create calmness and peace within the chaos. Choose you favorite immune enhancing points (ST 36, for example) and strengthening and protecting intervals (like Mars/Earth Day) for yourself and your friends, family and clients.

Jude and Paul Ponton are senior licensed Acutonics® faculty they are based in Seattle, WA and can be reached at Whispering Dragon - 206-706-2836, resonate@whispering-dragon.com