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The Stillness of Winter: The Nurturance of Potential

1 Dec, 2017
The Stillness of Winter: The Nurturance of Potential

By Jude Ponton, DC, MAc, LAc and Paul Ponton, MAc, LAc

As we approach Winter Solstice it is a time for consolidation of energy. This is a season for rest, reverting to the root, and pulling in and grounding to Earth. Days are shorter and we are called indoors. We can use this time for self-nurturance so that the seed of these activities will sprout upward and outward in the spring.

Kidney energy is associated with winter our root and core energy. It is the energy that supports our being and connects us to our inner being. During this time, it is especially useful to cultivate and consolidate Kidney energy. The energy gathered from the bounty of Autumn can be stored and used to help provide the structure and function for all the other energy systems of our bodies.

Since the Kidneys support the back and knees, we often see that back and knee problems are more common during the winter months. People with a tendency to feel cold (Kidney yang deficiency) will notice this more. Those who live in areas where there is less sunshine may experience seasonal affect disorder. The colder temperatures of winter may also contribute to feelings of lower energy or fatigue.

It is important to support and consolidate Kidney energy as we enter winter as it provides potent energy reserves that help maintain health and well being through the season and often prevents manifestations of deficiency including back instability, fatigue, cold and depression.

The Yellow Emperors Classic of Internal Medicine, instructs that it is important in Winter to protect our yang, to rest and forego activities that require a lot of energy expenditure and to allow our energy to go deep. This is a time to reflect the stillness of water, to access the essence of our true selves. Often, at this time of year, we are involved in seasonal activities that can drain our energy reserves and distract us from inner reflection and nurturance of the seeds of our potential. Acutonics treatment can provide a means to counteract this drain on energy reserves.

The intervals most useful for cultivating and consolidating Kidney energy include the Saturn/Venus 6th, Full Moon 6th and Earth Day 5th, especially in the lower octaves.

Apply to:
UB 23, Kidney Shu a major point for supporting the Kidneys.
DU 4, Life Gate an important point for tonifying and supporting the Kidney.
KID 3, Great Ravine the source point of the Kidney channel. As such it accesses deep energy to support the core.
REN 4, Origin Pass and REN 6, Sea of Qi powerful points to build and consolidate the root.

The Ren Mai and Du Mai Extraordinary Vessels are portals to primordial yin and yang energy. These extraordinary vessels used in combination activate the microcosmic orbit, drawing together celestial and terrestrial energies to support the core.

Winter can be a powerful time for cultivating our inner potential and
sustaining our Will to nourish the seeds of our destiny.