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The Heart as the Unifier

25 Jun, 2020
The Heart as the Unifier

Jude Ponton, D.C. LAc. & Paul Ponton, LAc, Senior Acutonics® Practitioners and Teachers

As we approach summer, the season of the Heart (Fire Element), there is so much going on in the world around us that could trouble our hearts. In the view of Classical Chinese Medicine the primary function of the Heart is to open our awareness of unity and to help us to experience connection and community. The Heart is the “unifier” and is said to define our humanity. It is the home of our spirit. Especially in times of discord it is our hearts that yearn for unity. The Summer Solstice is the point where yin and yang come together and it is said that this is where the Heart sits, at this point of the unity of the yin and yang energies. The analytical mind divides, it perceives from the perspective of good or bad/beneficial or detrimental. The Heart recognizes the unity of everything, that there is purpose in everything and that all experiences are vehicles for transformation. The Heart is said to be the “voice of sacredness” that helps us to connect with our true humanity.

The Institute of Heart Math defines coherence as order, structure and harmony. They have done studies that indicate that as we practice heart coherence and radiate love and compassion our hearts generate a coherent electromagnetic wave into the local field environment that promotes social coherence. Every individual’s energy affects the collective field. As each of us increases our own heart coherence we feed the Field and that creates a frequency that allows others to more easily connect to their hearts.

The celestial frequencies of our Acutonics tuning forks applied to points and channels that have resonance with the Heart, along with chimes and gongs are extraordinarily effective at creating connection to the Field. We can help clients to expand their heart fields and to communicate with the Unified Field to create both individual and collective coherence.

Here Are Some Suggestions For Promoting Heart Coherence And Unity.

Yin Wei Maito expand the Heart field and open to unconditional love—New Moon 5th to open, Neptune/Venus for flow of love, Jupiter/Neptune to expand the flow.
Ren 17 (Heart Chakra)to open the Heart field and connect to the Unified Field—New Moon 5th. Jupiter/Venus to expand love.
Chong Mai—to connect the Heart to the undifferentiated oneness—New Moon 5th, Sedna /Venus for non-duality in the expression of love
SI 11 and HT5to allow the Heart energy to collect and return to the Heart center—Ohm Unison and Ohm Octave
The Sun Chime, High Frequency Sun Forks and Sun Gong all activate the frequency of the Sun in the Field.
The Sun Chime and Jupiter Chime expand the energy of the Sun.

Our hearts reach out to you in coherence and community. Peace.