Student Feature: Amanda Simon, Acutonics Student from the UK visits the Mothership

Student Feature: Amanda Simon, Acutonics Student from the UK visits the Mothership

Recently Amada Simon was here visiting from England. Coming to the Mothership was a focal point as she planned a yearlong retreat to focus on sculpture, drawing and writing. Her stops in the US included a trip to New York, time here in New Mexico, and then on to Texas, South America and many other parts of the world. Amanda is a student of Joanie Solaini and she has completed Acutonics Level I & II. While at the Mothership Amanda worked closely with Donna as she learned techniques for the direct application of specific sound vibration to treat the soil, seeds, plants and water. Amanda planted our fall garlic crop and she worked extensively in the dome. She remarked many times about how this experience helped her to more deeply understand the character and quality of the Acutonics Planetary tuning forks. Her time spent here also fulfilled the sustainable living option toward clinic hours, and she was a great help to us as well. Amanda contributed this report about her visit. . If you would like to connect with Amanda you can email her at

My time at the Mothership was full of laughter, learning, peaceful reflection and a deepened appreciation for Acutonics. I worked with the forks out on the land - treating seeds, soil, garlic bulbs and the general growing environment. It was a wonderful way to develop a practical and profound working relationship with the planetary frequencies and their application for growth, care of plants and the land. Planting garlic - I used a protocol of Pluto and Mercury, Saturn and Venus and the Venus Octave. Pluto and Mercury were used to assist the shoots going down into the soil, for rooting, Saturn and Venus for fortitude, stamina and gathering energy and bulbous abundance. The Venus Octave was used to pump the bulbs, with voluptuous love to assist their growth, swelling through the winter months. I worked with both Acutonics Tuning Forks and Hand Chimes. The fork were directed into the soil and directly at the bulbs after they were placed in their rows, the chimes were used to treat them once the soil covered them and for the general growing environment.

Inside the dome I prepared the soil, removing old crops and tenderly combing the soil for the new crop. The protocol was to treat the seeds and soil. For the seeds a Mars/ Earth Day Interval was used - to help with vigor and opening to sustained growth. The Solar Octave was used to bring the sun's yang vigor and solar energy as winter creeps in and the suns rays are weakening. The soil was treated with Pluto, Sedna and Nibiru forks to assist the seeds in their deep dive, to draw on what ever was needed from the immediate environment and beyond. The Asteroids were used to treat the whole dome, each respectively to protect and provide the seed and soil with multiple vibrations over the winter months and draw in the growing energy that was needed. I found working with the forks and the chimes in agriculture to be an extremely helpful way to connect with and become more intimately connected with the planetary characteristics. It allowed me to focus on just their qualities and how they could be implemented for the growth and care of soil, seed and air. The physicality of the practice was also wonderful it felt like a planetary dance and dynamic interaction between myself, the Earth and the forces above - uniting and integrating all three in a way that allowed for the interconnection to be viscerally felt.

The Mothership as a whole environment was inspiring, I was in the midst of a whole resonating atmosphere with artist installations and sound devices such as hand crafted bells impregnating the land. Sounds filled the air, the trees, the leaves, the water, the chimes, the gongs, laughter, the birds — resonating together to create a sonorous balm. I felt one week was far too short - I was only just beginning to sink into the seething, sonorous tonic of the place but I am so grateful to have been there and look forward to hearing how the seeds and the plants responded to my care and the sounds. I have taken so much away from my time there - thank you Ellen and Donna for all you generosity- being with you both bought Acutonics to life for me and I feel so grateful to have encountered it from its birth place and so excited about my deepening journey with the practice.

To date I have studied level 1 and 2 with Joanie in England and would dearly love to return to the Mothership to take level 3 and 4 next fall, if I can muster the funds. I am currently on a year’s sabbatical from London. I am using the time to expand and deepen the modalities of practice that make up my creative/working life; these include writing, drawing and sculpture. I had a strong intent on finding my way to the Mothership during this sabbatical. Donna and Ellen kindly welcomed me, but more importantly it was great to be useful to them and through that deepen my understanding and feeling for Acutonics. Whilst away I have also deepened my practice in Vedic meditation - where silent sound and its correspondent frequency works on the release of stress and thereby the expansion of consciousness. I am currently in Peru deepening my knowledge of Andean cosmology and their relationship to the land. I then head to Chili for a residency - creating space for my Fine Art practice. In the new year I will go to Thailand to take a Thai yoga massage course, I would like to integrate the forks with this practice of touch and energy work. Then in the Spring I head to Japan where I hope to connect with other members of the Acutonics community and also further my understanding of Shinto practices and their subsequent entwining of land/body/spirit that occurs through the creation of shrines. I will also be deepening my research into Material culture more generally with an interested in how all objects resonate with energy and can facilitate or block Luck and Fortune. I will end my time in Europe, on another residency in Portugal before heading to Germany for Documents and Munster - art events that happen once every 5-10 years. I feel very lucky to have been able to create this time for research, study, energy work and expansion. If nothing else I hope this bit of self-reflective writing might inspire you to do the same and if you end up in London, or in any of these places over the next year do let me know

"My personal experience is that this work takes you back to you. It helps you to remember your core essence, your home tone. I often come away thinking to myself "Oh there I am, I knew I was in there somewhere"

- Nancy Crowell, Certified Acutonics® Practitioner