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Spring: Wood Element - Growth, Expansion and Re-vision

1 Mar, 2022
Spring: Wood Element - Growth, Expansion and Re-vision

Jude Ponton, DC, LAc, MAc, Senior Acutonics Practitioner and Teacher

Spring is the time of the Wood element that supports our sense of purpose, hope and optimism. It creates the matrix for our vision of the future, our plans and new ideas. Our ability to evaluate possibilities, make plans and decisions about how to execute those plans is related to the health and balance of the Wood element.

In these challenging times, many of us have undergone shifts in what we may have thought of as our life path. We are having to revise our vision as we move forward. Harmony of the Wood element assists in finding clarity and the ability to see the “big picture”. By virtue of the Liver’s function to create smooth flow of energy and emotions the Wood element helps us to move into the changes we may be initiating with greater ease. We can identify and open to a new path.

The Liver and Gallbladder are the organs associated with the Wood element. The Liver oversees the potency of qi, the smooth flow of blood, energy, and emotions, clarity of vision and the ability to create plans. The Gallbladder influences the integrity of the ligaments and tendons and provides foundation for judgement, decision making and the ability to bring the visions and plans the Liver initiates into fruition.

Supporting the balance and harmony of the Wood element is especially helpful with the approach of the new cycle of Spring. Here are some suggestions for treating Liver and Gallbladder disharmonies.

The DAI MAI: Open the flow with the NM 5th, Zodiac 3rd to disperse stagnation, Jupiter/Neptune for smooth flow, Hygiea/Neptune for interdimensional harmony. Any of these options can open flow and enhance clarity and help to release old patterns.

The Yang Wei Mai: Opening with NM 5th, Jupiter/Zodiac for releasing entanglements that inhibit clear vision, Jupiter/Hygiea for expanded access to multidimensional thinking

LIV 14 (Cycle Gate): Jupiter/Zodiac to disperse stagnation on both the physical and psycho-spiritual levels. (If you don’t have planetary forks, this can be promoted using the Zodiac 3rd.) Jupiter/Neptune for smooth flow and sense of ease. This point also known as The Gate of Hope is said to hold the essence of possibility and renewal. Jupiter/Nibiru could amplify this energy.

4 Gates (LIV 3/LI 4): Open the Gates to new possibilities. NM 5th, NM/Jupiter, NM/Nibiru.

GB 34 (Yang Mound Spring): NM 5th to open the flow of blood to nourish tendons, Jupiter/Saturn to expand and support decision making.

As we move into this season of renewal and re-vision, let’s use our tools to impart frequencies of hope, expansion and clarity to the Field.