Source Points for Growth and Transformation: Archetypes and Alchemy

Source Points for Growth and Transformation: Archetypes and Alchemy

By Jude Ponton, DC, MAc, LAc & Paul Ponton, MAc, LAc, Senior Licensed Acutonics Faculty Certified Acutonics® Practitioners

Source points provide access to the deep issues that are at the root of many conditions and manifest as both physical and emotional imbalances. This month’s contribution revisits source points and provides specific examples of appropriate planetary intervals.

It is said that the heavenly given or original qi is retained and lingers in the Source Points. Ordinarily they are thought of as points that provide exceptional access to the channel and organ with which they are associated. Some Chinese medicine references state that the source points of the yin organs tonify the energy of the organ and source points of the yang organs expel pathogens, or release excess in the body. Another useful view of these points lies in the association implied by the name source. The points provide connection to source as it is expressed in each organ. Various functions associated in Chinese medicine with each organ can be equated with the higher aspects of Self that provides a resonant link to our true nature. Used in the course of a treatment with the appropriate intervals source points assists in bringing the various parts of our nature into vibrational harmony.

Here are some examples of intervals applied to source points for growth and transformation.

LU 9, Great Abyss: The lungs strengthen inspiration to infuse our actions with the energy of connection. Use Mercury/New Moon 5th to open the flow of inspiration. Mercury/Jupiter 4th can expand capacity for inspired action. Our lungs provide strength to voice our connection to source. Use the Mercury/Earth Day 5th to strengthen the energy of the lungs.

LI 4, Union Valley: The large intestine aids in letting go of patterns that separate us from expressing our true being. Use Pluto/New Moon 5th to release old patterns, Pluto/Nibiru 3rd to create new patterns.

ST 42, Surging Yang: The stomach descends the qi and helps us ground to the Earth. It helps us receive nurturance that source provides through the abundance of the Earth. Use Low Frequency Earth Day 5th to descend the qi and strengthen connection through the Earth element.

SP 3, Supreme White: The Spleen is responsible for assimilation of both food and information. Proper Spleen function leads to clarity of thought in expression of inner guidance. Use New Moon 5th to enhance assimilation of information, thoughts and dreams and the Full Moon 6th for reflection and illumination.

HT 7, Spirit Gate: The heart is our center, the pivot point between the mundane and the divine. It is the seat of our consciousness that manifests our earthly experience out of the undifferentiated oneness of the Tao. Balancing and strengthening the heart allows the heart energy to integrate the spirits associated with the other yin organs. Use Mercury (the amalgamator)/ Jupiter 4th to integrate the expressions of our spirit and expand consciousness and awareness.  

SI 4, Wrist Bone: The traditional Chinese function of the Small Intestine is to separate the pure from the impure. It separates fluids refined from waste and recycles them to nourish the system. It allows us to refine our higher vibratory self out of the denser vibrations that may hold us back from our true nature. It supports our alchemical process of turning the lead (the grosser frequencies) into gold (purity). The Ohm/Neptune 5th taps into the magical processes that come from the life giving and sustaining waters of our inner ocean and allows us to flow into the universal sea.

UB 64, Capital Bone: The urinary bladder physically serves as a reservoir to hold wastewater passed to it by the kidneys, expelling it at intervals. On a less material level, when imbalanced, it can hold energies associated with suspicion, jealousy and grudges. Not releasing these emotions can hold us back and lead to emotional turbidity. The New Moon 5th opens the water pathways as well as releasing these stuck emotions.   

KID 3, Great Ravine: The kidneys are the source of our core energy, our essence and our ancestral connection. They are the place that houses our unique expression within the hologram that is the Tao. In our physical manifestation the spirit of the kidney gives us the will to live and to thrive. This spirit (Zhi) provides us with connection to the collective unconscious moving past the fears of the ego and aligning us with divine will. The Mars /Venus 5th balances the expressions of kidney yin and yang. This balance provides a place of harmony between stillness and action where trust abides, allowing us to surrender our own will to the wisdom and guidance of the Tao.  

P 7, Great Mound: The pericardium acts as the heart protector. Balance of the pericardium is necessary to guard the heart from pain, while allowing the openness that underlies compassion and intimacy. Ohm/Mars 2nd employs Mars’ archetype of protection. Ohm/Chiron 2nd enhances the heart’s compassionate nature. Ohm/Venus 6th engenders intimacy.

SJ 4, Yang Pool: The San Jiao acts as the pathway connecting our inner environment with the outer world. In the same manner it is an avenue allowing our inner being to be expressed externally, and for our inner expression of source to shine in the outer world. Use Ohm/Chiron 2nd to provide a bridge between the inner and outer worlds of our being.  

GB 40, Hill Ruins: The gall bladder influences decisiveness and the courage to trust the wisdom of source to reveal the appropriate option from all the available possibilities rather than forcing a choice through the limitations of our logical minds. The Ohm /Jupiter 4th promotes personal growth beyond previous limits. Ohm/Neptune 5th adds inspiration and visionary potential. It also dissolves the boundaries of conditioned limited ways of thinking.

LIV 3, Great Surge: The liver controls the smooth flow of energy and the vision to clearly see our direction on life’s path and to see our own potential and talent. With healthy liver energy we flow without constraint in the world. Ohm/Jupiter 4th expands us beyond the restrictions we have developed through conditioning. It engenders confidence and optimism and a willingness to extend our selves.

As Senior Licensed Acutonics faculty Paul and Jude Ponton will tailor a class schedule to a students needs. They are offering Acutonics Level I March 31-April 2 and they will also be offering a new elective on Source Points and the Eight Extraordinary Meridians for Consciousness Raising and Transformation at the Mothership in June. More details soon. The Pontons can be reached at 206-706- 2836 or

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