Self-Care Affirmations and Treatment Tips for May 2018

Self-Care Affirmations and Treatment Tips for May 2018

by Judy Bernard EAMP, Senior Licensed Acutonics Faculty, Certified Acutonics® Practitioner

These sessions can be done in the comfort of your own home for personal care or consider adding them to a session with your clients. These are short, yet powerful, designed to create health, well-being and positivity. When using the affirmation, see, feel and know it is all possible. It is already here in existence, you are just adjusting your vibration to match that of the affirmation, so it will become matter in your experience here on Earth.

To begin gather all your tools, find a quiet place, so you can relax. If you are working with a client start with the Ohm unison on KID 1 and then apply to the Huato Jiaji to create a longer session. These sessions can be done at any time and they will have a transformational effect on your entire being. Take time to rest after each session and make sure you drink plenty of water. 

I accept ALL that is and I am WELL. (releasing irritability and frustration)

New Moon 5th: LIV 3, KID 1, LI 4, GB 41
Mars and Venus:  LIV 3, LI 4, REN MAI
Venus and Jupiter: LIV 3, LI 4
Venus and Ohm: REN MAI, REN 17
Harmonic Essential Oil of Venus: REN 17

I have cool, clear eye sight (clear red itchy eyes, styes)

Harmonic Essential Oil: Moon
New Moon 5th: LIV 2 LIV 3 KID 1
HF Full Moon: over eyes
Full Moon 6th: LIV 2 LIV 3 KID 1

I easily receive nourishment that fills up my entire being!
(balance receiving and giving, enhance digestion of food and new ideas)

Harmonic Essential Oils: Jupiter and Venus
Mars and Venus, then Venus and Jupiter apply to same points:
CHONG MAI, ST 4, REN 17, PC 8, REN 12, REN 4, REN 6, SP 6, REN MAI
Jupiter and Ohm HF or Chimes
Singing Bowl on Belly

I touch life gently and peace flows from my hands. (wrist pain)

Zodiac 3rd: LIV 3, KID 1, LI 5, SI 4, P 6, SJ 5
Jupiter and Sun: GB 39, SP 5 
Jupiter and Venus: LI 5, SI 4, PC 6, SJ 5, PC 8, SJ 9
HF Jupiter and Venus over wrists

Judy is currently accepting students for Acutonics Online Clinics in May and June. Please contact her, if you need clinic hours. You can do up to 30 hours online. These online clinic hours can be arranged to fit your schedule and each clinic is 15 hours. They are designed to deepen your knowledge and understanding of Acutonics. You will pick one person to treat over a five week period, which can be yourself. Make time for self-care and get clinic hours. Call/text Judy at 253-593-4751, email:


"I could find nothing to relieve my chronic back pain until I received Acutonics. The sessions give me immediate relief and are long lasting. Recently my Acutonics practitioner began addressing my circulation problem and I am experiencing great improvements. My hands were cold all the time and now are rarely cold. My high blood pressure also went down significantly from this work. The Acutonics sessions for stress relief and grounding are incredibly beneficial. I feel Acutonics can help with a great ma"

- André Cloutier, Santa Fe