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Reflecting on Autumn, the Metal Element and the Process of Letting Go

6 Nov, 2021
Reflecting on Autumn, the Metal Element  and the Process of Letting Go

Jude Ponton, DC, MAc, LAc
Senior Acutonics Practitioner and Licensed Teacher

The Lung and Large Intestine are the organs associated with Metal and Autumn relate to grief, loss, and the ability to let go of what no longer serves us. We are moving through very challenging times and the sense of grief and loss seems especially profound both for individuals and for the collective. We have lost loved ones, jobs, and connections with each other. Many of us have lost our sense of alignment with the flow of energy as we had come to know it. We may have experienced a sense of “disconnect’ or powerlessness. It’s important for us to acknowledge these feelings of grief and loss so that we can release them to make space for nurturance of new possibilities. While this is often challenging, our Acutonics frequencies provide the support that is needed to move forward.

The Lung energy is connected to grief, loss and melancholy. We can support the ability of our lungs to inhale new clear energy and exhale to release the stagnation that grief creates. This can create the matrix for the growth of inspiration and a more affirmative outlook. This also strengthens the physical function of our lungs to provide oxygen for energy and to support the immune system. Focused breathing is very helpful. Deep breathing while visualizing the color white is a useful practice to strengthen our lungs.

The Large Intestine provides the foundation for releasing what is no longer useful, to let go of toxic energies. This aids in clearing space and energy for new potential to be expressed.

Here are some suggestions to inspire your treatments in support of the Metal element.

The Ren Extraordinary Vessel nourishes the Yin and provides consolidation and support. Its opening point is LU 7 an important point for grounding the energy of the Lung.

Intervals could include New Moon 5th to open and gain deep access, Mercury/Full Moon to nourish Lung yin (or Mercury/Earth Day to tonify Lung qi), Mercury/Chiron to provide healing for grief and loss.

The Yin Wei Vessel relates to images and feelings attached to memories. Treating this Vessel can aid in releasing painful memories and feelings of loss. The New Moon 5th can be used to open and allow flow. Jupiter/Neptune could be used to expand the flow of the heart field followed by Chiron/Nibiru for healing and creating a new matrix. If you have Hygiea forks, Hygiea/Nibiru can create a multidimensional matrix

Other points that could be included in balancing the Lung/Large Intestine:

LU 9 (Great Abyss)—Source point of the Lung. Mercury/Earth Day or Mercury/Chiron. Combine with LU 1 (Central Treasury). Mercury on LU 1 and Earth Day or Chiron on LU 9.

UB 13 (Lung Shu)—Mercury/Earth Day for tonifying lung qi, Mercury/Full Moon for supporting lung yin or Mercury/Chiron for healing grief

ST 25 (Celestial Pivot)—Pluto/New Moon to open and allow release both emotionally and physically. Pluto/Chiron to heal physical manifestations in the Large Intestine (IBS, colitis)

High Frequency Mercury/Chiron, Mercury/Hygiea, Mercury/Nibiru forks can be added to heal the Field and aid in multidimensional healing and creating a new matrix for collective and individual healing.