New Moon in Libra: September 30, 2016

New Moon in Libra: September 30, 2016

Certified Acutonics® Practitioner and Senior Teacher

Time/space window for new wishes:  All Day Friday and Saturday 9/30-10/1/16

Optimal:  Friday, Sept 30  8:11 PM – 4:11 AM Oct 1  EDT 

Good:  Friday, Sept 30 8:11 PM – Sunday, Oct 2 1:43 AM 

The time of the new moon each month is a period when the time/space window and ethers thin to maximize our wishes and intentions. The time of the new moon and the sign of the zodiac in which it appears provides energy of a sun and moon alignment (conjunction) to sow the seeds for our heart desires, new projects, and/or health objectives.  The zodiac sign provides a subject area to focus your seeds of intention. The most potent time is the immediate 8 hours after the moment the new moon occurs, but wishes can be sown for the 48 hours the moon will be in that zodiac sign. The wishes are yin in nature, like the moon, meaning we would like to receive these items rather than using affirmations, which are yang in nature.  These wishes/seeds of intent then grow during the month to fruition, sometimes at the full moon that month and other times in the months ahead.

You may be surprised at the successful fulfillment of your heart’s desires if you participate in the following exercise during the next new moon power period. Our next new moon wish time occurs in Libra in the tropical Zodiac on Friday, September 30 after 8:11 PM EDT through Sunday, October 2 1:43 AM EDT.  DO NOT write the wishes before the exact time of the new moon, as this is a releasing balsamic phase and you want to plant seeds. Hand write with pen or pencil (no electronics as it interferes with heart, brain, finger connection) a maximum of ten wishes or seeds that relate to the Libra areas of: committed relationships (marriage/business partnerships), harmony/balance in your life, getting along with other people/being companionable, negotiations/diplomacy, art/beauty, pampering/good taste.  Negative Libra aspects you can wish to change are:  indecision, codependency, being too appeasing for the sake of peace, constant debate of opposing view.  Health areas for Libra are kidneys, diabetes or sugar imbalances/sugar cravings, and adrenal glands. Your wishes are for yourself and how you interact with others.  You cannot make wishes for another person.

Write your wishes using positive words. Avoid the use of the words “not’ or “want.”  Example wishes might be: “I wish to easily cooperate and speak tactfully to my partner.”  I wish to attract and begin the most compatible, committed relationship with a man/woman with whom I share mutual ________________.”  “I wish to attract, recognize and begin working with the right healers for me that restore my sugar balance.”  “I wish to easily eliminate my sugar cravings.”  Then light a candle and place this on top of your list of wishes. A Allow the candle to open the time/space portal that has been thinned by the new moon and send your written list out into the universe. You can add the sound of the new moon with your tuning forks to aid the opening.  This month, you can also add the sound of Venus, ruler of Libra. I usually use my high frequency Ohm/New Moon and Ohm/Venus.  This month I may try high frequency New Moon/Sedna and Venus/Sedna to link inter-dimensionality and super conduction to the wishes. If you have a New Moon or Venus gong or Hand Chimes, by all means use those.  Allow the candle to burn itself out or blow out after 6-8 hours.  Keep the wishes for future reference and see how many of the ten wishes come to fruition in the next months.  I have been surprised by how the universe chooses to fulfill my wishes.

Mary Burke-Kelly is a Certified Acutonics® Practitioner and Acutonics Senior Faculty who practices and teaches as Dallas/Fort Worth Acutonics. In her clinical work she specializes in the emotional and psycho-spiritual approaches to healing with Acutonics. Mary has been a professional western astrologer since 1993. She began to teach Basic and Natal Western Astrology in 1966 and is known for her practical workshops on relocation astrology, career cycles, and finding your challenge and gift in life through the prenatal eclipses. She feels Acutonics is the perfect marriage for her knowledge of the planetary archetypes and desire to assist others in their spiritual ascension. Mary has been a guest lecturer for the Astrological Society of North Texas and currently is the membership chair for that group. Besides being a member of ASNT, she is a member of the American Federation of Astrologers and Professional Astrologers Incorporated. She holds professional certification through PAI and Level I National Council of Geocosmic Research. She has taught astrology at Owl's Clover, a metaphysical center in Fort Worth, The Trinity River Campus of Tarrant County Community College, and at the Acupuncture Wellness Community Clinic in Fort Worth. Mary is also an ordained minister for Shen Tao Ministries. Her pre-natal eclipse indicates that Mary's gift is raising the awareness and expanding the horizons of others. Her Moon in Cancer makes her a great mentor and her Mercury in Capricorn reflects her clear, organized, practical communication and teaching skills.

Mary's upcoming classes are Acutonics VII: Harmonic Pathology Oct 7-9, 2016, Acutonics for Family /Self Care Oct 30, 2016 and Acutonics Level I Nov 18-20, 2016.

"I have had a series of customized mini facials (facial soundscapes) that have given me both immediate and long lasting results. I especially wanted to address a sense of congestion I felt in my face – what felt like stagnant energy that I had not been able to shift with any other modality. The tuning forks “woke up” my face, reducing puffiness and improving my complexion. I saw results from the first treatment. A wonderful added benefit is the sense of deep relaxation and stress relief that accompanies "

- Blair, Santa Fe