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Moving from Water into Wood

27 Feb, 2023
Moving from Water into Wood

Carmen Cicotti LMT CAcP

Water is associated with the kidneys and bladder in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and its energy is closely tied to the winter season. With the arrival of spring, we begin to embrace the energy of the Wood element. The Wood element represents growth, expansion, and movement, just like the budding of new plants and flowers. As we emerge from the darkness of winter, it is an excellent time to nourish our body and spirit with this vital energy of water as we open to the insight and vision offered by the Wood element.

Some recommended tuning fork combinations for this time include:

Water Element Support

  • Low Ohm/Low Full Moon 6th to deeply nourish the Yin waters.
  • Saturn/Full Moon 5th (Low and Mid) to provide nourishing foundational support of Kidney Yin and Yang.
  • Neptune/New Moon microtone (Low and Mid) to nourish the primordial yin waters and the emergence of our dreams and inspirations from these watery depths.
    • DU 4 (Ming Men)
    • Urinary Bladder 23 (Kidney Shu)
    • Kidney 1 & 3 (Gushing Spring and Great Ravine) 

Water Nourishing Wood

  • Ohm/Full Moon 6th on Liver 3 (Great Surge)
  • Ohm/New Moon 5th on Liver 3 (Great Surge)
  • Neptune/New Moon microtone on Liver 3 (Great Surge)

Extraordinary Vessels - to support the movement of Water into Wood 

  • Ren Mai (Conception Vessel) - nourishing the creative Yin reservoir with the microtones of 
    • Neptune/New Moon microtone Low-Mid-High
    • Venus/Full Moon microtone Low-Mid- High
  • Yang Wei Mai (Yang Linking Vessel) - networking the exterior - allowing these nourishing waters from deep within to support the outward movement of the souls' destiny into the rising new growth of spring.
    • Sun/Sedna microtone to warm and coax what has been hidden out from these watery depths. 
  • Nibiru/Venus 4th to generate and grow the creative potential that is emerging from the primordial yin. 

In addition to Acutonics treatments, there are other practices that can help restore balance to the water element during the springtime. These include:

  • Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water and eating foods with high water content, such as leafy greens and citrus fruits.
  • Getting regular exercise to promote circulation and energy flow.
  • Practicing mindfulness and meditation to cultivate inner stillness and peace. 

As we move through the transition from winter to spring, let's take the time to honor the water element and all that it represents. By using Acutonics and other practices to restore balance, we can enter the new season with renewed vitality and well-being.

For more information on using intervalic frequency combinations, please refer to your Level IV training or sign up for this class. These particular intervals are safe and therapeutic in the examples shown here. If you haven’t studied this yet, you can pair each frequency tone with Ohm.

Carmen Cicotti LMT, CAcP, Senior Faculty 
Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine 
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