Mercury: The Swiftest Planet

Mercury: The Swiftest Planet

On May 20 we entered into the sign of Gemini ruled by the planet Mercury. The associated element is air and the planet is mutable. Mercury the planet closest to the Sun is a planet of extremes. This small, rocky, innermost planet has a wildly elliptical and eccentric orbit that may well contribute to the planet being associated with the fleet footed messenger of the gods, Hermes or Mercury. The energetic associated with Mercury is one of activation of mind and reason, communication and freedom of choice. The approximate musical note for the silver colored Mercury tuning fork is C Sharp and when combined with Ohm a microtone is created. The Ohm/Mercury Microtone is excellent for getting in between the cracks. This interval definitely creates movement and dissonance; a little goes a long way.

There are many rich archetypes associated with the Greek god Hermes and Mercury his Roman counterpart. He is the fleet-footed messenger of the gods, patron of inventions, god of commerce, benefactor of travelers and traders. Described as graceful, swift, cunning and a divine trickster. He is often depicted in winged hat and sandals carrying the caduceus, a staff crowned with two snakes. Communication, oration, speech of any kind are associated with Hermes as is his ability to travel between the worlds. Over time Hermes emerges as a deity reflective of the polar extremes of humanity winging his way between outer an inner reality and bridging between the world of spirit and matter.

Healing Themes and Archetypal Key Words: Synthesis, coordination, communication, memory, mental acuity, agility, inventive, swift, alchemist.

Anatomical Correspondences: Memory, nervous system, throat chakra, thyroid gland, tongue, speech and hearing, shoulders, arms, lungs, respiratory system, coordination, creating communication with various parts of the body.

Specific Disharmonies:  Respiratory disorders, nervous disorders, neurological diseases, particularly in the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) coordinating function of nerve impulses and reflexes linking conscious function to thinking and reasoning as well as coordination of sensory communication such as sight, touch, smell and taste; thyroid imbalances, mental disharmonies, shoulder, arm and hand related problems.

A Few Suggestions For Working With Mercury:

Respiratory Disorders: Mercury relates to the lungs and is an appropriate choice to treat respiratory disharmonies including lung, bronchi, and respiratory systems, asthma and allergies.

Use the Ohm/Mercury Microtone on LU 9, Great Abyss the Source Point of the Lung. Full Moon 6th and Solar 7th may also be used to build and strengthen the lungs.

For breathing difficulties such as cough and asthma use the Ren Mai Extraordinary Vessel; open on LU 7, Broken Sequence and Balance on KID 6, Shining Sea with a progression of Ohm/Jupiter 4th, and Ohm Mercury Microtone. Use Ohm/Mercury on supporting points such as LU 1, Central Treasury and Ren 17, Original Child.  The Mountain of Balance Points, KID 23, Spirit Seal, KID 24, Spirit Ruins, and KID 25, Spirit Storehouse to ground the lung energy through the kidneys to support breathing. Choose a second vessel based on the current needs of the client.

Nervous And Neurological Disorders: Mercury relates to the nervous system and the way in which we process, integrate and assimilate information. Use for feeling of ungroundedness, hypersensitivity and inability of the nervous system to assimilate transformational experiences.

For hypersensitivity and inability to assimilate use the Ohm/Mercury Microtone on the Huato Jiaji points and in the sacrum. Follow with the Low Ohm Octave to provide more grounding ending on KID 1, Gushing Spring.

For brain and central nervous system disorders use a progression of Ohm/Mercury Microtone followed by Ohm/Chiron 2nd on the Du Mai; open on SI 3, Back Ravine and balance on UB 62, Extending Vessel. Pair with another vessel appropriate to the person being treated.

Psycho-Spiritual and Emotional Issues: Mercury assists with transformation of consciousness beyond duality, tune into a higher message, identify a higher purpose, through a synthesis of body/mind/spirit, male/female, yin/yang and science/art.

To balance mind, body, spirit; heart and purpose use the three treasures, DU 20, Gate of the Ancestors, Ren 17, Original Child and Ren 4, Origin Pass. Begin on DU 20 to bring in the wisdom of the ancestors and connect to higher purpose, root the new information at REN 4 the alchemical cauldron and bring it all together in the heart at Ren 17.  Consider a progression of Ohm/Mercury Microtone and Mars/Venus 5th.

For hemispheric balancing and integration use Ohm/Mercury Microtone on DU 23, Upper Star.

Note: When working with the Eight Extraordinary Vessels the colored fork i.e. Mercury, Jupiter, Chiron is placed on the opening point and the Ohm Fork (gold) is placed on the balance point.

To learn more about working with the Acutonics planetary tuning forks refer to Acutonics from Galaxies to Cells: Planetary Science, Harmony and Medicine, and if you haven’t taken Acutonics Level III: Harmonic Attunement we encourage you to find a teacher in your area.


"The impact of this class has provided me with a way of expanding my practice in Hawaii. I have a deeper understanding of the meridians as well as being made aware of the art of creating a healing space for patients. Sue (Wadden) is fabulous and articulate. There was a lot of Aloha in this class"

- Dess