March Astrology Forecast

March Astrology Forecast

By Lynn Wedekind, “Tuneintuit”, Baja California Sur, Mexico

March Astrology Themes: “Winter Into Spring”

Letting Go with Flow and New Beginnings of Soul Seeding Divine Purpose

Element of Water (KID/BL)
Element of Wood (GB/LIV)
Water nourishes Wood and extinguishes Fire
Planet Rulership of Water: Venus, New Moon, Full Moon, Neptune, Sedna
Planet Rulership of Wood: Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron
Black Turtle and Bluegreen Dragon

Significant Dates:
3/1 - Sun conjunct Neptune (12 degrees Pisces)
3/2 - 2nd Jupiter opposing Uranus (23 degrees Libra-Aires)
3/4 - Venus Rx (13 degrees Aires), D+ 4/15 (27 degrees Pisces)
3/4 - Mercury Conjunct Neptune (12 degrees Pisces)
3/8 - Saturn Conjunct Galactic Center
3/12 - Full Moon (23 degree Virgo-Pisces)
3/14 - Sun conjunct Chiron (25 degrees Pisces)
3/17 - Uranus conjunct Eris (23 degrees Aires)
3/20 - Spring Equinox (4:29 am MT)
3/23-26 - T-Square: Mercury Square Pluto (19 degrees Aires-Cap)
3/24 - Opposite Jupiter (20 degrees Aires- Libra)
3/26 - Conjunct Uranus (24 degrees)
3/27 - New Moon (8 degrees Aires)
3/30 - 2nd Jupiter square Pluto (20 degrees Libra-Capricorn) first was 11/24/16 at 16 degrees

Themes for the March astrological forecast include the ending of winter, entering the time of Pisces (February 19 – March 20), the bridge to the Vernal Equinox (March 20 – 21), the beginning of Springtime and the Astrological New Year with the Aires New Moon on March 27th Jupiter Squaring Pluto on March 30th. In addition to the Full Moon, New Moon and the Vernal Equinox, March is filled with a planetary symphony of conjuncts, oppositions, squares (including a T-Square), Venus retrograde, a glorious splendor of Saturn Conjunct the Galactic Center, with the grand finale of the Jupiter/Pluto Square.

Winter is a time of introspection and intuition, when we are influenced by the element of Water, the organ systems of the Kidneys and Bladder and the planetary ruler of Pisces, watery Neptune. Additional planetary signatures with water include Venus and Mars (ruling the kidneys, adrenals and bladder) the New and Full Moon, and Sedna. On an emotional level, look for issues of fear, expanded sensitivities, shutting down, hiding or stuffing of emotions, addictions, and co-dependence or inability to cope, depression and suicidal tendencies. However, with Neptune balanced and exalted in Pisces, there are many opportunities for spiritual breakthroughs and awakened consciousness. With March heralding Sun, Mercury, Chiron and Neptune in the sign of Pisces many of these themes will be seen on the collective level as humanity comes to terms with the falling away of realities and facing harsh truths. For those with water signs for their Sun, Moon or Ascendent, you or your clients are likely feeling the collective reaction to the times. Sometimes things are just too difficult to see (Eyes/Kidneys) or hear (Ears/Liver). Thank goodness for Acutonics offering a wealth of celestial tools and remedies.

The creation wheel of the Five Elements allows for the cycle of water to nourish wood. All life needs water in order for life to spring forth, sprout and grow. When there is a disharmonic of water, too little or too much, then it is difficult for any seed to sprout. Currently in California we are witnessing a water situation where first there was drought and now there is an over abundance of water, causing flash flooding. In this example the destructive cycle of the Five Element Wheel can result in water extinguishing fire. Water imbalances make it difficult for the new astrological cycle that begins with the New Moon in Aires to seed and activate our divine purpose on planet Earth that is called forth during the second Jupiter/Pluto Square.

Treatment strategies for Wood that is damp include warming and drying intervals for LIV 3, Great Surge and GB 41, Near to Tears. Intervals may include: Solar 7th (drying), Low Sedna/Sun 7th (bringing buried emotions to the surface) or Nibiru/Sun 5th (bringing forth support for a New Story).

For Harmonizing the Liver and Gallbladder, consider using the Dai Mai Vessel (GB 41, Near to Tears to open and SJ 5, Outer Gate, to balance) with Sedna/Jupiter 5th. Place Jupiter on GB41 and Sedna on SJ 5, additional intervals to consider may be Ohm/Saturn, Ohm/Chiron 2nd and Zodiac 3rd. Use your intuition for guidance.

The Mountain of Balance Points, KID 25, Spirit Storehouse, KID 24, Spirit Burial Ground and KID 23, Spirit Seal along with REN 17, Original Child, are excellent to nourish with the watery 5ths and nourishing 6ths. Possibilities include Ohm/Neptune 5th followed by Sedna/Jupiter 5th and Mercury/Neptune 5th followed by Sedna/Neptune 6th. Don’t forget REN 17 to warm the heart with any interval of Low Sun/Mid Venus 7th or Chiron/Venus 5th to allow for the heart to come into confluence.

Themes of letting go with flow suggest the Extraordinary Vessel of the Yang Wei Mai, (SJ 5 open/GB 41 balance). Apply Mercury/Neptune 5th with Neptune on SJ 5 and Mercury on GB 41 for opening the vessel to any Neptunian themes. Follow with Chiron/Neptune 3rd for healing them. And lastly consider Sedna/Earth Day 5th for establishing harmony with the Earth to bring the watery realms back to balance with earth.

To calm the heart and spirit through these changing times, consider using the Yin Wei Mai (P 6, Inner Gate to open/SP 4, Grandfather’s Grandchild to balance) or the Yin Qiao Mai (KID 6, Shining Sea to open/LU 7, Broken Sequence to balance) to support the Spirit. Open with Low Neptune 5th and then apply all 3 intervals of the Full Moon 6th (low, middle and high). This tuning fork sequence would also be excellent on the Mountain of Balance Points mentioned above. The Yin Qiao Mai supports expanded visioning to see the next step after letting go. Use all 3 intervals of Sedna/Jupiter 5th (low, middle and high).

The Vernal Equinox

The Vernal Equinox is special this year because it may be the earliest Spring Equinox in our lifetime. This Spring Equinox which has traditionally occurred on the 20th and 21st is occurring on March 19 or 20th, depending upon what hemisphere you are in. The Equinox is a time when the days and nights are just about equal to one another. Here’s a great video from the Farmer’s Almanac that shares more about this: This is a potent time for giving back to our Mother Earth through Ceremony. Take a moment to give thanks to Gaia for all that she represents for you.

Treatments Strategies for the Vernal Equinox

Activate the Microcosmic Orbit through the Ren Mai (LU 7, Broken Sequence to open and KID 6 Shining Sea, to balance; and the Du Mai (SI 3, Back Ravine to open, and UB 62 Extending Vessel to balance) and then the Huato Jiaji to realign the axis mundi to the galactic center. Use Sedna/Earth Day 5th followed by Sedna/Zodiac 4th, to support evolutionary insights and tuning into the Galactic Center. Another treatment to consider is the Cosmic Tuning with Sedna/Zodiac at Du 23, Upper Star, Sedna/Saturn at St 25, Middle Star to anchor in the galactic center cosmic energies to the Earth, and Sedna/Earth Day 5th on SP 8, Lower Star to bring balance and harmony back to planet Earth.

Add the Windows to the Sky Points, either SJ 16, Celestial Teacher or SI 16,

Celestial Window, or use the Windows of the Sky Points you are guided to intuitively, to open access to the heavenly realms during this potent Equinox and second Jupiter/Pluto Square.

T Square with Pluto

Consider opening with the New Moon 5th, or Mercury/New Moon 5th, followed by Pluto/Uranus 5th to access the astrological alignments of the powerful T square with Pluto Squaring Jupiter and opposing Uranus.

2017 Astrological Cycle Begins on March 27th

March 27th is the beginning of the 2017 Astrological Cycle with the New Moon in Aires at 8 degrees. Any of the New Moon intervals may help seed the intentions at this time. The Sabian Symbol for 8 degrees Aires is the vision of a woman wearing a large hat with streamers blown by the East Wind. (The hat serves as a form of spiritual protection and guidance in the development of consciousness). Use the Cosmic Capstone (DU 20, Hundred Convergences, P 8, Construction Palace and REN 17, Original Child) on this day to provide the large hat of protection and guidance apply the New Moon intervals of your choice follow with Zodiac/New Moon 3rd, followed by Sedna/Zodiac 4th and end with Sedna/Jupiter 5th this beautiful sequence allows for expanded intergalactic consciousness.

March 30th Second Passing of the Exact Squaring of Pluto and Jupiter

March 30th marks the second passing of the exact squaring of Pluto and Jupiter. The first pass was on Nov. 24th and the third pass will be August 4th, 2017. It is as if the cosmos is giving us three planetary chances to step into our diving purpose for this lifetime! This second push is allowing us to let go of the collective back-wash, choose the path of the sage and seed, and seat yourself for the reason you are here on Earth at this very moment.

Treatment strategies for Pluto squaring Jupiter, UB 10, Celestial Pillar and UB 60, Kun Lun Mountain (the place of the Tao and the tiger spirit) with Pluto/Jupiter 4th following with Jupiter/Venus 3rd to bring forth your spiritual destiny through the heart.

Another possibility is Cosmic Tuning with Sedna on DU 23, Upper Star as we reset our axis mundi with a new paradigm, Pluto/Jupiter 4th on ST 25, Celestial Pivot, Middle Star, allowing ourselves to be in the void, having faith for a new expanded consciousness and lastly, Venus/Jupiter 3rd on SP 8, Seizing the opportunities of Earth, or Lower Star, for bringing and expanding our heart energies with hope and faith to claim a more harmonic and peaceful journey on Earth through unity and heart consciousness.

May this installation allow us to continue our precious walk on Planet Earth birthing the World we are choosing to co-create through faith, joy, harmony, peace LOVE and GRATITUDE. Everything we need is already here inside of us. Can we see the vision and hear the call? Life is the present and may we be present to receive its gifts and respond with the responsibility of Gratitude and Stewardship of ourselves, our families, our clients, our communities, the Harmony of our Sphere, Earth and our beloved Cosmos.

"It was such a pleasure to learn about Acutonics at the TCM Kongress in Rothenburg! I was sceptical at first, but completely sold on the approach by lunchtime on Saturday. And that was before I experienced a treatment! I have been doing nothing but Acutonics since my return home - patients, family, friends, colleagues - no one is safe! What I have observed so far is that 1) it makes people very happy and 2) they find it very relaxing. I look forward to following through to observe the effects on symptoms"

- Beverley de Valois, PhD LicAc FBAcC, Northwood, UK