March 2018 Movement of the Elements and Planetary Activity

March 2018 Movement of the Elements and Planetary Activity

By Carmen Cicotti, Senior Licensed Acutonics Faculty, Certified Acutonics® Practitioner

The following contribution from senior licensed faculty member Carmen Cicotti explores movement from the Water Element to Wood, the Spring Equinox and the Pisces Stellium as well as the Moons and astrological squares that occur this month.

The Dance of Water to Wood

Through the past several months, from Winter Solstice 2017 to the Spring Equinox of 2018, we have been moving through the depths of the Water Element. During this time the seeds of growth, potential and intention have been at rest under the ground awaiting the call of Spring. They are preparing to burst forth new tender shoots of inspiration with the powerful surging force of the Wood Element. In the creation cycle of Ancient Five Element Theory, Water is the parent of Wood. It nourishes and supports the functions of the Wood element.

A study of these elements provides a rich poetic language that reflects seasonal movements, the directional correspondences of winter into spring, north to east, as well as the astrological constellation of Pisces to Aries. In this cycle we witness the transformation and rebirth of our innate seed-potential, sprouting with the rising Sun into a new day, to receive vision from the heavens. March also marks the time where Water becomes Wood. The Spring Equinox on March 20th at 12:15 pm is the very beginning of this movement and initiation into new life filled with rich potential, budding ideas and creative impulses. Below you will find recommendations for working with the planets to support both the Water and Wood elements during this time of transition.

Water Frequencies, Harmonic Signatures, Points and Vessels

Neptune: A harmonic signature of the Water element, represents the unconscious worlds of dreamtime, the mysteries unseen and the place where spiritual wisdom is born. The Ohm/Neptune 5th opens the portals of dreamtime, space, intuition and creativity, dissolving delusions, unresolved patterns and false projections.
Pluto: Ruler of Scorpio a water sign represents transformation and renewal, death and rebirth. The Ohm/Pluto microtone reaches into the watery depths where old wounds and shadows are hidden, transcending and eliminating toxic patterns, resurrecting and liberating hidden potential.
New Moon and Full Moon: Rulers of Cancer, provide an additional harmonic signature for the Water element. They relate to yin, the feminine nature of water, the tides on the earth, in our bodies and in our emotions. The Ohm/New Moon 5th opens to new beginnings and gently releases blocked energy, fluids and emotions. The Ohm/Full Moon 6th nourishes, tonifies and builds the yin fluids and storehouses, bringing cycles to fruition and fullness and enhancing fertility.
Saturn: Represents perseverance, stability, core structure, self-discipline, law and control. The Ohm/Saturn 2nd supports the bones, cartilage, joints, teeth, knees and ears which all are correspondences of the Kidney meridian and the Water element.

Below are some suggestions for points and vessels to support and nourish the Water element.

Ohm/Full Moon 6th and Ohm/Saturn 2nd to nourish, tonify and build yin fluids and storehouses of the Kidney Qi.
Ohm/New Moon 5th and Ohm/Neptune 5th to nourish and moisten the yin fluids.
KID 3, Great Ravine: Source point of the Kidney meridian provides a high level of access to Heavenly Qi, essential to nourish at the root during times of transformation and crossing over the great divide.
KID 6, Shining Sea: This point helps to grasp the Qi and water the system.
KID 10, Yin Valley is the water point on the Water channel. Use to deeply access the sea of yin and return to the primeval ocean to unwind intergenerational programming.

Mt. of Balance Points:
KID 23, Spirit Seal treats the yang of the heart spirit allowing us to speak our truth.
KID 24, Spirit Ruins aids in letting go of that which no longer serves us and resurrecting the essence of the self that was once unattainable.
KID 25, Spirit Storehouse is a reserve of Shen, the treasures of the spirit and the dreams, visions and secrets of the heart.
UB 23, Kidney Shu Point strengthens and replenishes Kidney Qi, supports the knees and low back and during times of transformation the reconfiguring of new cellular patterns.
Ren 4, Origin Pass is the residence and source of the deepest qi in the body, a wonderful place to tonify, restore and build core energy.
Ren Mai, Conception Vessel: Open on LU 7, Broken Sequence, balance on KID 6, Shining Sea. This is the Sea of all yin channels, used to nourish the yin waters of the Winter time, birth new ideas and support the stepping into new frequencies of Spring.
Yin Qiao Mai, Yin Motility Vessel: Open on KID 6, Shining Sea, balance on LU 7, Broken Sequence. The Yin supervising channel is used to nourish and support the deep-seeded yin from places of isolation, introversion and feelings of abandonment. Think of a bear waking up and walking out of Winter’s dreamtime and hibernation.

Wood Frequencies, Harmonic Signatures, Points and Vessels

The Ohm/Zodiac 3rd disperses physical and emotional tension and stress, allowing for the free and easy wanderer of the Wood element to move, expand and gather the wisdom from the heavens and generate kindness and ease. This interval speaks and sings the language that the Wood element innately strives for, allowing its truest nature to manifest.
Earth Day: Represents the 24-hour rotation of the earth in one day. The Earth Day 5th promotes regeneration and new cellular growth, to birth and build new patterns, ideas and sustenance.
Mars: A harmonic signature of wood, assertive, courageous and action oriented. The Ohm/Mars 2nd initiates new ideas and beginnings, propelling them into action, it builds the immune response and blood, and empowers virility and strength.

Note: This frequency and interval can be used on the Water Element (parent of Wood) points and extraordinary vessels listed above to assist in the alchemical process of transforming the seasonal attributes of Water into Wood. It is not wise to use on the Wood points below.

Mercury: Relates to movement between the underworld and upper world that we are currently experiencing during the seasonal change of winter to spring. The Ohm/Mercury Microtone moves and synthesizes emotions, old wounds, toxic patterns and hidden potentials that are waiting to emerge out of Winter and transform into new potential with the birth of Spring.

Note: This frequency and interval can be used in a progression with Pluto and Mars (Ohm/Pluto, Ohm/Mercury, Ohm/Mars) on the Ren Mai, Conception Vessel to assist in this transformation, movement and birthing initiation during this time.

The points and vessels listed below support and open resources that are nourishing to the Wood element with the following frequency combinations:

Ohm/Mercury Microtone, Ohm/Zodiac 3rd, Ohm/Neptune 5th and Ohm/New Moon 5th to open, release, disperse and move that which is stuck or awaiting transformation.
Ohm/Earth Day 5th, Ohm/Full Moon 6th (think chlorophyll and water) to nourish, generate and support new growth.

Note: You can use any of these intervals by themselves or pick two or three as a progression in the order listed.

LIV 3, Great Surge to release and smooth out pent-up energy that is aggressive and edgy.
LIV 14, Cycles Gate is the end of the cycle, calms an overactive liver during transitions, ending and new beginnings when there is a lot of movement.
GB 13, Root Spirit addresses the roots of the Wood Element/the tree, the spirit and root origin of that which is transforming into new life.
GB 39, Hanging Bell has correspondences with both the wood and water elements as it treats conditions affecting the bone marrow and is a wakeup call to return to the deeper self.
GB 41, Near to Tears is the wood point on the GB channel. It is here where anger and frustration can transform into creative energy, where the tears flow, and changes can happen.
Dai Mai, Girdle Vessel open with colored fork on GB 41, Near to Tears, balance with Ohm fork on SJ 5, Outer Gate to harmonize the liver and gallbladder channels, accelerate mobility to move ahead by opening the expression of emotion or releasing that which is stuck in frustration or indecision.
Yang Wei Mai, Yang Linking Vessel opening with colored fork on SJ 5, Outer Gate, balance with the Ohm fork on GB 41, Near to Tears to expose and release emotional patterning that is toxic (letting what is dead, die).

Spring Equinox and the Pisces Stellium

As we move through the seasons into the approaching birth of Spring, the Sun moves through the last constellation of Winter with Pisces at the helm. Joining the Sun in Pisces are five heavenly bodies that are also moving through this transcendental constellation ruled by the planet Neptune. When four or more planets, including asteroids, the sun and the moon, are all moving through the same sign during the same period of time, it is called a Stellium.

We currently have six celestial bodies moving through the constellation of Pisces: the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Chiron, Neptune and Juno. This Pisces Stellium will come to a close during the Spring Equinox when the Sun moves into Aries on March 20th at 12:15 pm. All of this watery energy creates a dreamy good-bye to Winter and the Water Element.

This grand alignment in Pisces marks a time when the portals will be wide open, creating a super charge to our intuitive and spiritual aspirations, asking us to decipher what is real and not real, especially for people who have Pisces strongly aspected in their charts. Also during this time the planet Mars, the warrior, will be passing through philosophical Sagittarius (ruled by the planet, Jupiter) which will heighten our motivational drive to own our own truth, ethics and beliefs.

Pisces Stellium with Mars and Jupiter Intervals, Progressions and Applications:

The following progressions are great applications to support this seasonal time of change from the depths of Winter to the new emergence of Spring. Choose two extraordinary vessels to work with. The first two (Chong Mai and Ren Mai) make a good match and the last two, (Dai Mai and Yang Wei Mai) work nicely together as well. You can also bring in the asteroid fork, Juno with the high frequency Neptune, to make an interval of a 4th to enhance artistic creativity with commitment and integrity at the beginning or end of a session.

Chong Mai, Belt Vessel: Open with colored fork on SP 4, Grandparent/Grandchild, balance with Ohm on SP 6, Three Yin Crossing to release old patterns and intergenerational programing use a progression of Ohm/Chiron 2nd to move through the growth edges of old wounds, follow with Ohm/Neptune 5th to dissolve disillusionment and open to see what is real.
Ren Mai, Conception Vessel: Open with colored fork on LU7, Broken Sequence, balance with Ohm fork on KID 6, Shining Sea to birth new ways of seeing self and the divine use the following progression. Ohm/Venus 6th to bring forth creative potential with passion and Ohm/Neptune 5th to resolve into a peaceful opening of intuitive intention and purpose.
Dai Mai, Girdle Vessel: Open with colored fork on GB 41, Near to Tears, balance with Ohm on SJ 5, Outer Gate to move forward, opening the expression of emotion or releasing that which is stuck in frustration or indecision. Use a progression of
Ohm/Mercury Microtone to create movement and communication from the depths to the surface. Follow with Ohm/Neptune 5th to release stuck emotions or patterns and gently open.
Yang Wei Mai, Yang Linking Vessel: Open with colored fork on SJ 5, Outer Gate, balance with Ohm on GB 41, Near to Tears. Use to expose and release emotional patterns that are toxic (let what is dead, die). Use a progression of Ohm/Mars 2nd to initiate a new beginning and push forth new sprouts to open, follow with Ohm/Jupiter 4th to bring expansive, optimistic enthusiasm and abundant growth.

The Moons and Astrological Squares of March

The month of March, named after Mars, the god of war and the guardian of agriculture, is a turbulent month. The quiet stillness of Winter makes way for the quickening emergence of Spring.  According to the Roman calendar March was the first month in the year.

March Moons: There are two full moons and one new moon in this month.
3/1 Full Moon in Virgo: Ohm/Chiron 2nd progressing to Ohm/Full Moon 6th
Chong Mai, Belt Vessel: Open with Chiron on SP 4, Grandparent/Grandchild and balance with Ohm on SP 6, Three Yin Crossing to release old patterns and intergenerational programing.
Ren Mai, Conception Vessel: Open with Full Moon on LU 7, Broken Sequence and Balance with Ohm on KID 6, Shining Sea to bring wounded patterns into fullness and step forward into new frequencies with the nourishing light of the Full Moon.
3/17 New Moon in Pisces: New Moon/Neptune Microtone. This interval is one of my very favorite combinations: the song of the dolphins. It can be used with Low, Mid or High frequency forks to connect to the primordial waters of bliss. Apply to the Four Gates of Heaven: LI 4, Union Valley and LIV 3, Great Surge and along the Huato Jiaji’s: To open the pineal gland, use on DU 16, Wind Mansion and Yin Tan, (3rd eye or 6th Chakra).
3/31 Full Moon in Libra (our 2nd Blue Moon this year): Low Venus/Low Full Moon Microtone on Ren 4, Origins Pass the gateway of origin opening to our inner fertile gardens to fill and nourish this storehouse warmth and harmony.

The Squares of March

Squares happen when two planets are 90 degrees apart in a chart. The placement of a square is often seen as a hard or unfavorable aspect that reveals tension, obstacles and challenges reflected by the planets involved. Working with and listening to intervals in our Acutonics system has given me a new view and experience of the planets and a growing understanding of astrology from a vibrational aspect.

A square has four sides placed at 90º angles and in music, corresponds with a musical fourth, which is two notes that are four steps away from each other. Musical fourths are often used in marches, like the wedding march. Geometric fourths and musical fourths both form a tension that is necessary to create structure. There are several musical fourths in our Acutonics system that are quite lovely and support the energetic system to establish structure and integrity. Sometimes a bit of tension can bring about change, which can be a good thing.

3/13 - Venus in Aries square Saturn in Capricorn
3/23 - Venus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn
3/24 - Sun in Aries square Mars in Capricorn
3/29 - Sun in Aries square Saturn in Capricorn

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