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Late Summer: Season of the Yi

3 Aug, 2022
Late Summer: Season of the Yi

Jude Ponton, DC, LAc
Senior Acutonics Practitioner and Licensed Teacher

The Yi is the spirit of clear intention and manifestation. It is the energy that moves beyond thinking into intention. From the perspective of quantum energetics, we would consider that the Yi supports the transformation from wave form to particle reality. This energy informs clarity of thought to bring our vision into manifestation. Our intention becomes rooted in the Earth and takes physical form.

The Earth element supports the function of the Spleen and Stomach, digestion, and assimilation not only of food but ideas and dreams. Imbalances of the Spleen/Stomach manifest as digestive disturbances, and imbalances of the Yi spirit can reveal themselves as a kind of “psychospiritual indigestion”. We may see an inability to assimilate and digest impressions and experiences and transform them into manifestation. Worry is associated with Spleen imbalance, creating a decrease of energy to support the Yi in its function of supporting the expression of our destiny.

Here are some suggestions for frequencies and points to support the Yi spirit.

The Chong EV is the first vessel to emerge from Source and is connected to the manifestation of our destiny. The New Moon 5th interval can be used for opening the channel, followed by the Earth Day 5th to build energy for nourishing the Earth and the Yi, and Hygiea/Nibiru to create a multidimensional matrix for manifesting our vision.

SP 3 (Supreme White) the source point of the Spleen accesses the Yi spirit. The Earth Day 5th can be used to nourish and support the Yi and Mars/Venus assists in creative manifestation.

UB 20 (Spleen Shu) provides strong support of Spleen energy. The Earth Day 5th and Saturn/Venus provide sustenance to the creative Yi spirit.

Ren 17/Solar Plexus Chakra (Original Child) is an excellent point to connect to our personal power. Apply Mars/Venus here.

3 Treasures (Du 20, Ren 4, Ren 17) Apply Venus/Hygiea to create multidimensional coherence of body, mind, and spirit to support the integration of heavenly and earthly qi in particle reality.

Jude Ponton DC, LAc is co-author of Acutonics from Galaxies to Cells and the case-study companion guide, as well as Acutonics for Dogs and Cats. She is a senior faculty member, cand clinical mentor, she can be reached at Whispering Dragon (206) 706-2836,,