Late Autumn a Time of Transformation and Renewal

Late Autumn a Time of Transformation and Renewal

This is a time of seasonal transition, here in the north, we move from the Autumnal Equinox to the Winter Solstice. The abundant harvest has been stored for the long winter months and we begin the process of return to the depths of our being, an inward time when we are able to access the energy of transformation. 

This is also a time where the energy of Scorpio is strong, promoting the journey to the underworld and an opportunity to explore themes such as birth, death and transformation. Even though we pass from the time of Scorpio near the end of November, we continue to use this powerful influence for transformation and renewal throughout the year. Winter Solstice, the darkest time of the year also invites this inward journey to access deep wisdom and ignite the seed of potential that will evolve and grow in the springtime.

In the stories of many cultures the underworld is brought into balance through the merging of male and female energies. In Greek mythology, Hades kidnapped Persephone and brought her to rule with him in the underworld, which introduced feminine energy to offset his patriarchal realms. The Sumerian myths tell of Ishtar traveling to the underworld in search of her lover Tammuz. This joining together of primordial complementary opposites points to unification and non-duality. In Taoism, the path is moving from the duality of yin and yang to merge with undifferentiated oneness, the Tao.  In the Vedic tradition, we see the merging of Shakti and Shiva combining into a powerful energy of Kundalini. Kundalini, described as the uncoiling serpent, reflects Scorpio’s association with the symbolism of the snake. This powerful symbol represents renewal through shedding of skin to allow for growth and expansion. For us, this points to moving beyond the restrictions that hold us back from transformation.

Here are some suggestions for accessing the transformational and unifying potentials made available at this time in the yearly cycle.

The Ren Mai and Du Mai Extraordinary Vessels activate the microcosmic orbit and merge the energies of yin and yang, Shakti and Shiva, to allow balanced expression of the expanded consciousness of Kundalini.

For the Ren Mai Sedna’s non-dual nature can be combined with Venus to create the Sedna/Venus interval, follow with the Full Moon/Venus microtone.

On the Du Mai work with the Sedna/Mars 2nd and follow with Mars/Venus 5th.

These combinations can be used to amplify activation and balance.

The Huato Jiaji Points help to access the energy of potentiality for transformation and expansion.

Nibiru/Jupiter 2nd combines the expansive nature of Jupiter with the energy of potentiality expressed through Nibiru.

The Mountain of Balance Points: KID 23, Spirit Seal, KID 24, Spirit Ruins and KID 25, Spirit Storehouse are excellent points for mixing and balancing the primordial yin and yang energies as these points bring together the energy of Kidney water and Heart fire.

Mars/Venus 5th merges primordial energies on these transformational points

ST 25, Celestial Pivot is the front associated point of the large intestines and allows for letting go of old patterns and energies that are impediments to moving forward. Pluto is useful here as it corresponds to the bowels and the energy of letting go. Additionally, Pluto allows access to the deepest parts of our personal underworlds.

Pluto/New Moon 5th opens to these deep energies and allow us to let go of patterns that are not serving us.

The Three Treasures: DU 20, Hundred Convergences, REN 17, Original Child, REN 4 Origin Pass, bring together the Yang energy of the Heavens, and the Yin energy of the Earth to converge in our body. 

Work with the Mars/Venus 5th to unite the energies of Yin and Yang in the body. Place the Mars fork on DU 20 and the Venus fork on REN 4. Then bring the two forks together on REN 17.

The vibrational information provided by the combination of our Acutonics tuning forks, the power of the points and the energy available at this time in the seasonal cycle can help to provide powerful momentum for transformation.

"As a physician and anesthesiologist my primary role is to put patients to sleep. With Acutonics I now have the training and tools to help people awaken to new insights and growth that supports their journey to health and holism. "

- Arune Pooransingh, MD, Trinidad, West Indies