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Inner Working ll: Blank Spaces

27 Feb, 2023
Inner Working ll: Blank Spaces

Donna Carey
From a new poetry collection:
Dreaming with Elk

Elk know shapes of land
not property
winter wheats
alive in layered snows
February tributaries of forest paths
wealthy fields 
no ownership
just tasks
trusting safe passage
rows of wild roses
vine maples
aspens, oak
seasons staples
Lighting the milky way
deep in winter skies
forging a melody
elk lullabies

There are so many secrets
we will never know
beauties that sleep
breathe and grow
new geometries

Hidden in forests
heart of trees
pinons sacred cartographies
Donna Carey, LAc is co-founder of the Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine, LLC, she can be reached at, read more about her work at