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Hearing the Soul through Vibration and Musical Intervals Corona Time

11 Apr, 2020
Hearing the Soul through Vibration and Musical Intervals Corona Time

By Irit Lerner, Acutonics® Senior Licensed Faculty, Israel

Donna answered my question, last Saturday on a community Zoom call, and her answer finally cleared my mind on the subject. I asked her “where am I in these strange times – having all the tools to live the way I’ve lived over the last few years-with peace of mind, and now this strange new hold on our lives that throws me off balance into a new zone.” Donna says: “You are between worlds”.

And that my friends? Was all I needed to hear and be reminded of. I waited, like I always do, when I know something’s coming. Last night was the first peaceful night without nightmare I’ve had for the last two weeks and words followed in the morning. Because, it’s always all about the in between, isn’t it? In between two notes that make an interval, two notes that move toward the higher one, two notes that move everything in our brain, muscle, emotions, blood. The in between is where we live. We don’t live anywhere, but in the movement, life is moving constantly. Even in our pause we live between. The way TO something goes through something. Therefore, in between is the interval between breathes, it is life. I look at my 93-year-old mom who can’t speak one coherent word, sleeps for months only to wake up to eat. She is caught between the worlds, having no idea how to let go of the old one and enter the new one, so she lingers on, wondering, not knowing what to do. She’s in HER Corona time.

More than any other sound, for me Sedna discovers and connects the worlds between, the inner world and outer one, the layers and movement within. When I feel Sedna’s vibration, I feel the layers and where, and in which layer, the vibration changes or stops or fades away, and I know why. What is going on with that person, is it habits and if so – what kind and how does it stop them from going forward? Is it fear? Of what? Is it …? is it…? IT can fade away down deeper into the body or it can dissolve at the point it reaches. At times, you feel the vibration is very “rich” and full and vibrant. In fact, you can put words to vibrations such as: full of heart, empty heart, full of guts, fearful, stubborn, happy, smoke, fire, water, land, animal, overwhelmed, far away, lives in her own world… and so on. Whatever works for you. Don’t stay with what you already know – explore more ways to describe what you hear in that special meeting point of tuning forks and another person. So many secrets.

What do I mean by layers: Close your eyes, travel in your own body, any way you want. See if you can visualize your heart, liver, lungs, skeleton, blood vessels and their movement, your head and it’s complex of millions of nerves running all over giving and receiving orders, your breath, the way your body is right now, the thoughts that run in your head, the memories you have at this moment, the voices in your head – do they reach your heart? Can you feel the path? Do they affect your lungs? Breathe and discover.

Now think of yourself as you know yourself. How many layers do you have, are you an open hearted person? Loud? Quiet? An in between person – always moving forward? A doer or a giver, what is your posture, how do you move and why? Then put it all together. How does my voice work? Does my voice express who I am, all of what I am? Do I use different tones to different people and situations? How, why? Do people GET me only from the sound of my voice? What DO they get? What you want them to receive? What are they missing of me, or - do I have layers too?

This is how you learn the language, Then, when you put tuning forks on somebody else – SEE where the vibration goes, SEE the energy going through the layers, where is it strong, weak, stops, goes through. And from here it’s all about really and deeply trusting your intuition. Like Donna says repeatedly and I repeat it in my classes – Intuition, intuition, intuition. From day one, she got it through my thick skull, and it stayed and developed. Let your intuition guide you, trust your knowledge acquired over the years, from life, from Acutonics. You will know, I promise you.

Our intervals are rich with vibration and information. They carry so much knowledge in their “in between” movement. Use that to read layers. Now – if you add everything you know on our amazing tuning forks, who they are, and what they do, and if you add whatever you know; Astrology, Herbs, Chinese Medicine, or just the points you use, and…if you add the secret ingredient - LET GO? The information will flow to you. I promise.

Now you are channeling. It is wild how souls and ghosts from our past come forward with the tuning forks, they are waiting to be called, they have been waiting for that particular music, they have messages for the people who come to us. If you feel something, anything, think something – do not hesitate – say it. You will find that 99% of the time you will be spot on. If you see a face in your mind, a name, say it. Ask who it is, you will be surprised how accurate it is. If you see in your mind colors, music, something not clear, just continue with the treatment and the information will add up until it becomes words, or story, or image. Channeling comes in so many ways, trust it when you see it. Trust it, flow with it to the places it takes you, have no fear. It has intention and a job to do through you.

Irit Lerner is a senior Acutonics faculty member, based in Cachal, Israel. She can be reached at