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Four Gates of Heaven Access to Expansion

1 Sep, 2019
Four Gates of Heaven Access to Expansion

By Jude Ponton, DC, LAc & Paul Ponton, LAc

The Four Gates, LI 4 (Hegu – Union Valley), and LIV 3 (Tai Chong – Great Surge) are introduced in Acutonics Level I as important points individually and as a powerful set of points when activated together.

As acupuncture students, we were taught that this combination was employed to strongly circulate qi in the body and by doing so, to clear energy that had become stagnant. They are often used to relieve painful physical conditions if the client is not too weak and can tolerate strong movement of energy.

LI 4 is often included in point prescriptions for activation of qi in the meridians, and to release pain. It is also said to open the flow of qi.

LIV 3 is effective in “spreading” the Liver qi, throughout the body. This is helpful, because the Liver is responsible for “patency” of qi (meaning free flowing and unobstructed) throughout the body.

It is easy to imagine that these two points individually are helpful in addressing a number of conditions in the body.

Used as a set, these points are powerful, not just for treating physical stagnation conditions, but to allow movement at all of our energetic levels. In fact, it is imbalance at these other levels, both higher and deeper, that precede the physical manifestations resulting in pain and other stagnant conditions.

The function of the Four Gates speaks to the movement forward and expansiveness that is denied us when our lives become limited and stagnant. In Acutonics Level IV the Four Gates are described as a holographic reflection of the journey to each of the four cardinal directions made by the sage to attain wisdom and spiritual enrichment. The Microcosmic Orbit is seen as the center, the sacred mountain, the central controller.

Other traditions also talk about this journey. The Buddhist spiritual text, Yoga Vasistha, says there are the Four Gates to freedom and enlightenment that are tranquility, contentment, good company and inquiry. There is a mandala that reflects this showing square with four gates, one on each side, enclosing a circle with a central point.

In Jewish tradition there is mention of four gates that must be mastered: the gate of seeing, the gate of listening, the gate of imagining and the gate of speaking.  The Sufi tradition says that words should only be spoken after they have been passed through the four gates of speech, the gates of truth, necessity, benefit and kindness. These all point to a more expansive and a higher spiritual level of functioning.

Using your tuning forks for stimulating this combination furthers these sacred traditions when working with clients. Contralateral application of the pairs intensifies the movement through the energy of the geometry of the figure eight and the multidimensionality of the cosmic octave. You were probably introduced to using the New Moon 5th and the Zodiac 3rd intervals for treating these points. Here are few additional suggestions for application.

Combine New Moon/Jupiter for opening to expansion.
Neptune/Jupiter can help with expansion into flow with the field.
Mercury/Neptune creates flow and fusion of information and communication toward a more enlightened state allowing integration of guidance from all sources.

Adding the Ohm Octave for the microcosmic orbit, Ren Mai and Du Mai, as the central mountain, anchors the expansion at a new level of consciousness.

Use your intuition and imagination based on your knowledge of the planetary archetypes and correspondences for more ideas for expansion and help on the journey.