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For the Love of Gongs

27 May, 2023
For the Love of Gongs

Theresa Lee Morris, Certified Acutonics® Practitioner, Licensed Senior Faculty

My first introduction to the gong was in early 2011 when I travelled to New Mexico to take Acutonics Level II: Higher Harmonics and the Inner Nature of Tone with Ellen and Donna. I was already so excited about the tuning forks; I did not expect to come home with a new love.

From the first moment I heard the gong played I was inspired to want to play it. I am neither a musician, nor do I feel called or inspired to play any instrument. It was something entirely unexpected. I felt drawn in, invited even to strike it…There was no holding back and, I just began to play. 

In 2012, Judy Bernard taught an Acutonics Elective: Planetary Space: Blending Light and Sound in Taos, New Mexico. I had an opportunity to experience my first gong bath from Judy and later that week from another Acutonics colleague, Hannah.

Within a few weeks my first three Paiste planetary gongs arrived: a 38” Sedna, 32” Chiron and 24” Venus. These beautiful celestial beings could have easily satisfied my need to support my clients on a deeper level… Instead, a couple of years later, I ordered 14 more to complete the set of planet gongs. Seventeen gongs now surround my treatment table! I didn’t really have a plan...although, it seems there was a plan underway.

Soon people started inviting me to bring the gongs to festivals and events. I found myself saying yes, even though I was unprepared and terrified. These beautiful and powerful instruments pushed me, again and again, to say yes. They have allowed me to transform my life in ways unimagined, to step up in a more significant way.

When Will Morris entered the scene in 2016, we combined our talents and began to create these unique and extraordinary sound journeys for people. Will brings in synthesizers, multiple flutes, didgeridoo, drums, rattles and many other instruments. Will’s ability to weave sounds in and out of what I do with the gongs is mind-blowing. He continuously surprises and delights me with his flute playing which always seems to come at the perfect moment. I feel blessed and honoured to play and create in this way together.

After years of carting gongs to festivals and events the Kootenay Sound Healing Centre “Gong Temple” was built on our property. We now offer gong journeys on our own land two or three times a week! And people are coming! We live in a very rural location that is not easy to get to, yet most people drive 75 min along a curvy mountain road or cross the lake on a ferry. Didn’t someone say, if you build it, they will come? We are creating a community and a healing environment for people. It has been humbling and rewarding in so many ways.

After playing without instruction for almost 10 years, in 2021 I decided it was time explore the world of gong classes. I had no idea how to teach something that came so naturally to me… I enrolled in several courses over six months with the School of Gong: Mike Tamburo, Thomas Orr Anderson and Mitch Nur. I had no idea my gong playing could become so expanded. While many of the teachings supported what I was already experiencing, or knowing, I was introduced to new perspectives, new skills and various exercises that could keep me feeling inspired to play endlessly. The people coming to our gong journeys noticed too… my entire relationship with these sacred instruments changed. I feel it is time to share my wisdom and experience with my Acutonics community. I have created three new elective classes. Each elective can be taken in any order.