February 2018 Astrology A World United in Love

February 2018 Astrology A World United in Love

By Lynn Wedekind, Senior Licensed Acutonics® Faculty Tuneintuit in Baja California Sur, Mexico

February Astrology Themes: No Moon, New Moon, Carry the Light Within

Water Element Themes:  

  • North, Winter, Cold, Storing, Kidney, Bladder, Ear, Bones, Fear, Urine, Black, Yin, Spontaneity, Sense of Hearing, Death
  • Bladder/Kidney Meridians
  • Fear or Love
  • Introspection, Inner Visioning, Visioning a New Healthy Humanity
  • Planet Rulership of Water: Mercury, Neptune, Venus, New Moon, Full Moon, Sedna
  • Black Turtle

Significant Dates in January and February 2018:

Aquarius: January 20 – February 18
1/17 Venus entered Aquarius until 2/10
1/20 Sun enters Aquarius until 2/19
1/31 Super Full Moon, Blue Moon, Lunar Eclipse (Leo/Aquarius)
2/10-13 Sun/Mercury (Aquarius), Square Jupiter (Scorpio)
2/10-11 Venus enters Pisces
2/15 New Moon Solar Eclipse (partial) 27 degrees Aquarius
2/16 Chinese New Year – Year of the Yang Earth Dog
2/17 Sun Conjunct Mercury (28 degrees Aquarius); Mercury enters Pisces and joins Chiron in Pisces (healing the world wound)
2/17 Mars (13 Sagittarius) Square Neptune (13 Pisces)
2/18-19 Sun enters Pisces (healing completion, release)
2/21 Venus Conjunct Neptune (13 Pisces)
2/25 Mercury Conjunct Neptune (13 Pisces)

The Water Element

We herald the New Year of 2018 with the Season of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Winter is a time of introspection, intuition, inner work and dreams, when we are influenced by the element of Water, the organ systems of the Kidneys and Bladder. It is also a time of renewal and going within. The ancient text The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine states, “In winter all is hidden. Winter is the season of retirement into depth, because of the cold outside. At this time, you must not disturb or disperse the yang (fire, active) energy so that you can allow the yin reserves to be re-established within you.”

Leading humanity into the New Year of 2018 we had the beauty of Saturn entering into Capricorn (December 17), where it is exalted and provides a planetary push to step forward into our soul’s purpose to claim our Authentic Self. Are we able to hear and heed this call? Saturn rules responsibility and our ability to respond. How are we choosing to respond in the present moment? Are we able to trust in life and overcome our fear, as Eric Meyers suggests in the January Acutonics newsletter? Perhaps witnessing or experiencing particular struggles and obstacles is a necessity for our growth and creativity. When we respond by seeing love in our problems, have compassion for our wounds, and find beauty in our struggles, we become conscious creators able to choose the vibration of love. This creates a powerful ripple effect throughout the Universe. On the New Year, Venus was conjunct the Sun, offering assistance to harmonize our universal journey into the new through love.

To anchor in the authentic self and hold the vibration of love, apply Saturn/Venus 5th to the Ren Mai and Du Mai (Microcosmic Orbit), and along the Huato Jiaji to activate Kidney essence and in the Baliao to restructure the cosmic blueprint with our soul’s destiny and love. Apply New Moon/Chiron 5th, followed by Saturn/Venus 5th to ST 9, People’s Welcome to support speaking our truth. Apply Saturn/Venus 5th, followed by Sun/Venus 7th to Ren 17, Original Child. Conclude with Saturn/Venus 5th then Sedna/Venus 6th at Ren 4 and 6 to store Kidney Qi.

January 1 began with a Super Full Moon and the month of January ended with a second Super Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse on the 31st. Although it is February, I want to share these significant events as they have the capacity to push us to deepen our understanding of what we want to bring to fullness in 2018? Additionally, when two Full Moons occur in a month, the second full moon is a Blue Moon. In both January and March of 2018, we have Blue Moons. This is a rare event, which is the past has occurred in 1999, 1961 and then way back in 1885! Whereas, Full Moons bring light to the dark, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is a potent time for setting intentions to bring to a close or fullness a 19-year cycle. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo/Aquarius, is a push to look back 19 years to bring our current situation to a new level. A call to synthesize our leadership from a compassionate heart (Leo), with our vision (Aquarius) of a healthy humanity.  

To nourish and tonifying the Heart Chakra and the Yin Wei Mai apply Sedna/New Moon 5th, follow with Sedna Full/Moon 7th and shine the light of love of the heart with Sun/Venus 7th. To illuminate inner visioning apply New Moon 5th, and Sedna/Uranus 6th to the Yin Qiao Mai.

To Bring a cycle to completion on the Full Moon use LIV 14, Cycle Gate as the opening point and LUN 1, Central Treasury as the balance point. Apply Chiron/Full Moon 5th, (with Chiron on the opening point), follow with Sun/Uranus 6th, (with Uranus as the opening point), lastly apply Full Moon 6th (with Full Moon on the opening point). Mercury enters Aquarius 12 minutes after this Full Moon to further emphasize the need to focus on humanitarian ideals (Aquarius). Remember that Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury and both are potent synthesizers.

This February we have the opportunity to go deep within, with the Cosmos leaving us with No Full Moon. Perhaps the Ground Hog coming out of his burrow during this time is a reminder for us to stay within, for us to see and own our own shadow, holding ourselves with a big SP 16, Yin Wrapping HUG, filled with love and compassion.

February 10 – 13, Sun and Mercury (Aquarius), Square Jupiter (Scorpio) Ala
February 10 – 11, Venus enters Pisces (Namaste, In Lak’ech Ala K’in - Mayan).
This is a beauty filled opportunity to connect with spirit and expand our spiritual connection with trust, faith and hope.
Treatment suggestion apply Mercury/Jupiter 4th followed by Sun/Jupiter 5th to BL 10, Celestial Pillar (standing tall through adversity) and BL 60, Kunlun Mountain.
Consider the Cosmic Capstone for integration of the Universal One Heart, with Mercury/Neptune 5th followed by Sun/Venus 7th or any intervals you are drawn to. All 3 intervals of Ohm are an option as well as Venus/Neptune 2nd, Ohm/Neptune 5th, followed by Ohm/Venus 6th.
February 16, we celebrate the Chinese New Year with an auspicious New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius.  New Moons offer new beginnings and a Solar Eclipse in Aquarius is an opportune time for us to share our unique gifts with the world.
Beginning a new cycle on the New Moon through LU 1, Central Treasury as the opening point and LIV 14, Cycle Gate as the balance point apply the New Moon 5th , (with New Moon as the opening point), followed by Uranus/New Moon microtone to move into the new, (with Uranus as the opening point), lastly followed by the New Moon/Sedna 6th (with New Moon as the opening point), bringing the new beginning to a new paradigm. 
With the Chinese New Year – “Year of the Yang Earth Dog,” I invite you to usher in the New Year with an intention of prosperity, knowing that the Earth continues to hold us in abundant splendor. A great combination for this would be the Sun/Jupiter 5th on ST 40, Feng Long (the splendor of abundant prosperity).

And finally, for our Aquarius finale, February 17, our Sun conjuncts fleeting Mercury in Aquarius for a quick visit, this allows us to focus on quick thinking and more effortless communication and expression. Then quick-footed Mercury moves on from Aquarius to Pisces, joining Chiron in Pisces aiding in healing our world wound. Remember that Mercury rules the throat and is a great synthesizer. This is an opportunity for throat chakra work, consider a combination of any of the following intervals: Mercury/Uranus 5th, Mercury/Neptune 5th or Chiron/Neptune 4th and Chiron/Venus 5th. The Ren Mai and Yin Qiao Mai also open the throat chakra. Apply any of the above 5ths to ST 9, People’s Welcome to assist in releasing anything that may be interfering. Another powerful technique is to create a lemniscate or figure 8 with the high frequency forks, use the above intervals over to connect heart and mind through the throat as the bridge. This brings our minds innovative ideas together with our compassionate hearts an invitation to creative expression shared through our voices.  

In closing, I offer a few additional combination suggestions to support these astrological times. With Winter a time of renewal and regeneration continue to nourish Kidney energy. When Kidney Qi is depleted, we are more apt to have issues with fear, isolation and feeling ungrounded this makes it very challenging to be fully present and to come from a place of love. I often remind myself and my clients of the instructions you receive on an airplane in the event the cabin loses pressure. “Place the oxygen mask on yourself before assisting others”. This is a wonderful example of self-love. We must first assist and nourish ourselves so that we can be fully present to help assist others.

Venus in Aquarius

On January 17, Venus entered Aquarius and remains here until February 10, when she enters Pisces. January 20, the Sun entered Aquarius and remains here until February 19. With the planetary ruler Uranus, Aquarius has long been associated with innovation and individuality. Astrologer Dale Osadchuk suggests, “As a fixed air sign, Aquarius has a dualistic nature such as her air counterparts of Gemini and Libra. Much like the scientist who needs concrete facts before believing something is true. Its energy can be aloof and detached. But it is also the intuitive who ‘knows’ the truth. This is the individual whose cause is a world united in love”.  

May we all share this focus regardless of whether the Sun and Venus are in Aquarius and hold to this ideal throughout our lives. A WORLD UNITED IN LOVE. Can we imagine and feel what this is like?

Some astrologers believe that Uranus rules the heart. With this ideal consider that the Sun, Venus and Uranus are an aid to rewire us from our head to heart consciousness. A Navajo Elder has shared his wisdom stating that the longest journey we shall ever take on this Earth is from our head to our heart. May we all be reminded of this and find one another, out beyond ideas, in the field of sympathetic resonance belonging in A WORLD UNITED IN LOVE.

Lynn Wedekind is a senior licensed faculty member offering the full Acutonics curriculum in a beautiful retreat setting in Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico with many opportunities to enjoy the bounty of nature. Her upcoming schedule includes Acutonics IX Sedna: Super Conductor February 22-25, with a student Clinic Day February 26. Have a full Sedna integration experience, February 28-March 5, this once in a life time journey provides a sound offering to the gentle giants the grey whale mothers and babies and honors the spirits of the ancients who left behind great mysteries detailed in cave paintings and rock carvings.  Additional upcoming classes: Acutonics Level III & IV Intensive – March 11-20 and April 20-30, Student Clinic Day May 1 and Acutonics Level I & II- May 26-30, 2018. Contact Lynn at tuneintuit@gmail.com or call 360-353-4488.

Update from Lynn Wedekind, who spends the cooler northern months down south in Todos Santos, Mexico.
We have a full schedule of classes offered in 2018 at our retreat center, Tierra Canta Earth & Sound Sanctuary. All of these classes have been designed to allow ample time to enjoy the beauty of the natural world in Baja California Sur, Mexico. In March we will take a magic journey to see the grey whale mothers and babies and we will also celebrate the spring Equinox with a Medicine Wheel Ceremony.

Sedna is scheduled February 22 - 25, with a Clinic Day to follow on the 26th.

For those who are fortunate enough to take a once in a lifetime journey 8 hours north, we will give a sound offering to the gentle giants of the grey whale mothers and babies and respectfully honor the spirits of the ancients who left behind a great mystery detailed in cave paintings and rock carvings. This Sedna Integration Adventure is from Feb 28 - March 5.

March 11 - 20, I have added an Acutonics Level III & IV Intensive to my class schedule. This class was created to accomodate the schedule of students unable to make the April dates. However, the April Level III & IV is still being offered. If you are coming to the March class please consider staying for an extra day for a special Medicine Wheel Ceremony that we will be holding on the mountain for the Spring Equinox on March 21. I can be reached at tuneintuit@gmail.com or call 360-353-4488.


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- Jennifer Bell, Santa Fe