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Evolving Into…

11 Apr, 2020
Evolving Into…

By DahVid Weiss, L.AC.,PhD, Senior Licensed Acutonics® Faculty

As we evolve, in these extra ordinary times we learn to hold clear and consistent physical boundaries towards those who cannot abide peacefully in your presence, while sending them love anytime they arise in thought or acting out of soul essence. Sometimes, you cannot prevent an 'attack' from happening, when it's meant as a wakeup call to catalyze crucial life changes involving those who aren't quite able to step into the potential you may see they're capable of becoming.

Being in a state of Stillness at this time and holding space for Earth Mother is important. I have been taking LOW Ohm and playing then for Earth Mother on the ground. Earth Gong and/or chimes are beneficial too. She has been here for us, it's our time to be Here for her and our time to shine though.

While you cannot prevent pain, loss, loneliness or a shift in the way we work and live, just know IT’S OK. This visceral learning instills in us so much courage and self-worth that a threat of loss or inconvenience is outweighed by a willingness to put yourself in environments that feel most supportive for your evolution.

As we move forward in this paradigm of deeper love, learning more about ourselves, Being TRUE to this Divine work and sacredness of the forks that we use! Discernment is Key! Let’s continue to awaken the Vibration of Oneness so incredibly throughout every cell of our bodies that Chaotic Nodes and ones in the world of Chaos undergoing the most intense shift in consciousness has no other option but to surrender to the Heavenly truth you are anchoring and bringing to life.

When we awaken, the divinity within feels the call as we are inspired to remember our holiest truth! Then we have access to the honor of witnessing the Heaven in which we stand. When we awaken further, we surrender the tendency of constantly washing dirty laundry, when all we need is to be wrapped in the purity of light taking shape and form as the authenticity of our being.

DahVid Weiss, LAC, PhD is a Senior Licensed Acutonics Faculty member based in Asheville, NC. He can be reached at, 828-333-0111.