December Astrology Considerations with Treatment Recommendations

December Astrology Considerations with Treatment Recommendations

By: Maren Good, MA, LMT, Senior Acutonics Faculty

Full Moon, Dec. 13, in Gemini (ruled by Mercury)

Winter Solstice, Dec. 21

Sun is zero degrees Capricorn (ruled by Saturn)

New Moon, Dec.  29, micromoon (moon at apogee), in Aquarius (ruled by Uranus)

Mars in Aquarius (ruled by Uranus) until almost the time of the Winter Solstice, then it moves into Pisces and by the end of December is conjunct Neptune.

Jupiter activations are particularly strong in December when it squares Pluto in mid-December and then moves on into an exact opposition with Uranus by December 29. This is a big feature in December to consider; Jupiter – expansion; Uranus – shocking events. Also, by December 29, New Moon, Sun, Pluto are all conjunct in Capricorn squaring Uranus in Aries.

Glancing at December’s astrology, there is a lot of Uranus energy present, being activated by the movement of Jupiter, which squares Pluto first; then by the end of December (in the chart of the New Moon) it forms an exact opposition with Uranus.  To me, this is a big “reboot” before the New Year, where all of us are being called to completely extricate ourselves from anything or anyone that tries to hold us down or back us from our dreams of being totally free. The New Moon occurs in Aquarius; Mars is in Aquarius until Dec. 19 (Mars moved into Aquarius on the morning of the U.S. election); at the end of December the New Moon, Sun and Pluto are all conjunct in the sign of Capricorn and squaring Uranus. That is a lot of continual activation of Uranian energy, and all of this during the time we continue to experience the influence of the 12-year Uranus/Pluto square cycle.

Before considering the Uranus/Pluto square further, I was guided to share one of the runes. Oracles are as ancient as consulting the heavens. The runes link language to a deeper realm of awareness and are considered keepers of a cycle of mysteries. The runes have their origins in a culture that passed on traditions orally through song and chant, until they were written down.

Consider one of the cycle Runes: Hagalaz

Hagalaz is the rune of radical disruption, change, freedom and liberation. This rune is one of 13 runes that comprise a cycle of initiation. It is an initiation for the journey of the Spiritual Warrior. It speaks to the point in the cycle where overwhelming events arise, not only around you, but also within your own nature, that demand radical responses. This rune resonates with the element of Water and is associated with Uranus.

Hagalaz, the rune of Elemental Power:

The moon is hidden,

            thunder strikes.

How can you sleep

            when your very bed

            calls in the lightning?

Look around you.

Nothing is the same.

                        Ralph Blum

In meditating on the astrology for December I kept returning to the influence of Uranus and in particular the Uranus/Pluto square (a square is an aspect that creates tension, forcing one out of complacency; it can be seen as a “provoker”). As transpersonal planets, the Pluto and Uranus celestial meeting are carrier waves of influence for the global community. We have been moving through the approximately 12-year cycle of this square since 2007. Much has been written about the manifestations of their dynamic angling.

The last time there was a hard aspect (the conjunction, the square or the opposition) between them was in the ‘60s. Recall the revolutionary quality of those years (1960- 1972). Richard Tarnas, author of “Cosmos and Psyche” and archetypal astrologer, describes these cycles as synchronic, where the archetypal patterns embodied by the two planets are stimulated and rise up globally. Cultures and countries witness shifts and changes, where ultimately growth is stimulated, reflecting their charge. A key point, also made by Tarnas, is to remember “the distinction between the astrology theory that says the planets ‘cause’ events and the understanding that ‘planetary positions are indicative of the cosmic state of archetypal dynamics at that time.’ This moves us from the linear into the synchronistic world that reveals a coherent, living cosmos.”

Pluto is the great transformer, diving deep to unearth the shadows and secrets and bring them into the fires of transmutation … death and re-birth; while Uranus is the great awakener, liberating and shattering old ways of being and believing. What happened post-‘60s is what Tarnas calls the diachronic cycle. What emerged in that cycle doesn’t disappear, it goes “underground” during which time those radical shifts and changes filter through and move along in the course of living. And then … boom! … the next synchronic cycle emerges.  That which went before is implicitly present and contributes to this current alignment and reveals continuing and historical development. This time it is Pluto in the sign of Capricorn (structure, corporations, authority and traditions) squaring Uranus in the sign of Aries (the archetype of the warrior, action, freedom and aggression). So what was started in the ‘60s didn’t go away, we have just been working our way towards this next emergence of their power.

Pay attention to how this might be shaking up our own and our clients’ lives, not to mention in the domestic and international community. Uranus has an 84-year solar revolution. In your natal chart that means that about every 21 years as Uranus travels the 360 degrees of your chart, it will form one of these angles in relation to your stationary natal Uranus (think of the circle divided into 4 quadrants; it will take Uranus 21 years to traverse that quarter space). These periods of time are often punctuated with intensity and disruption … they occur at approximately the ages of 21 (the first square); 42 (the opposition and the classic time of mid-life crisis); 63 (closing square and often the time of total life re-evaluation).

However, you don’t have to know how to read a natal chart or its transits to realize that people everywhere are being touched by this Uranus/Aries square Pluto/Capricorn cycle. And if they are personally in the midst of one of their Uranus transits, they could be experiencing even more activation during this time period. From the individual body to the global body, I think everyone could use a re-balancing of the nervous system.

I think of a client’s natal chart as a mandala of the deep psyche. It is a celestial imprint that we carry with us when we cross into this manifest world. Within this deep interiority are the archetypal voices that carry on a conversation in a language that one is invited to explore and understand. The archetypal language is not just my personal interpretation of its effect in someone’s life; it is also an opportunity to learn that language and understand the message of the archetypes. For example, if someone has a strong Sun/Saturn aspect in their natal chart and has experienced it through a dominating father and suppression of joy in their lives, let them hear those sounds. What is the prayer of Sun and Saturn in mutual support of one another; as they listen to one another; and we (the client and I) listen to them? How can the mythology that was embedded in the client’s psyche and no longer serves her, be re-written to support her evolutionary journey? What does the Sun seek for expression of its authentic solar self, and how does Saturn bring its wise voice of maturity? I use gongs, but try the hand chimes to truly let the client hear their music together. Speak the prayer aloud to invite the new relationship into their hearts and minds as the music moves throughout their body.

We are coming into the Winter/Water cycle. A season of deepening; the seeds have moved down beneath the ground, but it is the quality of one’s nurturance in this season that determines the vitality and vigor of spring growth.

After Mars moves in the sign of Pisces (Dec. 19), it draws close to Neptune where it stays through December into January. Using this interval could calm agitation and angst allowing for a deeper sense of connection with the collective (Neptune) while honoring the spiritual warrior (Mars). See it as strengthening the deep ground of being as we move into the darkest time of winter until the return of light begins at the Winter Solstice.

Take time at the New Moon on December 29th to set your intentions. Allow it also to be a meditation for calming the deep water, honoring stillness in which strength is gathered to move forward.

Harmonic considerations:

Four Gates of Heaven: Zodiac 3rd; tune into the larger zodiacal cycle and the meditative interval of the 3rd to smooth and calm.

Microcosmic Orbit:

Ren Mai: 3 octaves of FM 6th to deeply nourish

Du Mai: 3 octaves of ED 5th to feed our earth


Ren Mai: 3 octaves of Venus 6th to deepen and expand the feminine

Du Mai: 3 octaves of Jupiter 4th to assist in receiving and integrating the expanding frequencies

Huatos: Low Sedna/Neptune followed by Low Sedna/Uranus or Low Sedna/Sun (use Low Ohm if you don’t have Sedna)

DU2/16: Mid Sedna/Neptune followed by Mid Sedna/Uranus or Low Sedna/Sun (use Low Ohm if you don’t have Sedna)

This is Sedna’s time of year. Call in her support and power to assist in moving swiftly the ocean of our body – through joining with Neptune and then with Uranus to strengthen and align the axis mundi and our connection to the stars.

UB10/UB60: Neptune Octave followed by Saturn Octave

The octave recapitulates the harmonics in a cycle of 8s. This can reinforce the infrastructure while expanding and extending the movement down to the earth and upward to the heavens.

Window to the Sky Points, especially towards month’s end during the New Moon: NM 5th (high or mid) to connect to the divine and support speaking from the authentic self. You can sweep the points and then place mid NM at notch of sternum and mid Ohm just below.

Cosmic Capstone:

A sequence to clear out the old and build the new energetic structure

Ground each point with mid Ohm Unison first

Follow with these high frequency intervals:

Sun1/Pluto (to shine the warmth of the sun on those hidden places for healing and transformation )

Mars/Venus (to balance all aspects – yin/yang; masculine/feminine and using the musical 5th to stimulate openness and movement)

Ohm/Nibiru (to establish possibilities of new patterns emerging)

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