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Cycles, Spirals, Time-Space and the Unified Field

9 Jan, 2020
Cycles, Spirals, Time-Space and the Unified Field

By Jude Ponton, DC, LAc & Paul Ponton LAc, Senior Acutonics® Practitioners & Teachers

In quantum experience of time, time is eternal, all time is the same time (time-space). Everything happens in the perpetual present moment. Space-time is the experience of the environment with our bodies and with our senses and time. In this experience time seems linear because we feel separate from things, people and places and from the past and future. Time-space is experienced through awareness, beyond our senses, not as a body with senses. We access time-space when we are totally in the present moment and there is no past or future. In this state where we have taken our attention off of matter, our awareness is beyond the realm of matter and we are able to become aware of different frequencies that are all carrying information. These frequencies provide access to other dimensions and other possible realities. Many of our clients’ report experiences of space-time during their Acutonics sessions induced by their connection with the cosmic frequencies of the planets

The cycles that we mark as distinct divisions are actually more of a spiral. The spiral is the ancient symbol of spiritual development and our connection to the universe. Spirals are thought to signify movement through experiences in life. The spiral is symbolic of the route to higher levels of consciousness and expanded dimensions of awareness. The double spiral is signified in the outline limiting black and white parts of the yin-yang symbol, expressing the alternating rhythm of yin and yang and the eternal convergence of these energies. The spiral is a symbol of the universe, our place within it, and of the great cycles that constantly advance within this universe.

From the Taoist perspective, we emerge from the Wu Qi, the undifferentiated oneness to the Tai Qi, the Yin and Yang and to the myriad things that arise from the flow and confluence of these energies. Our journey both begins and ends from the Wu Qi. From the moment we differentiate from the oneness we enter the spiral that defines our return to it. At each cycle of the spiral we have access to greater levels of awareness and expansion of our consciousness.

The Extraordinary Vessels are the first vessels to emanate from Source. As such they are not bound by space and time. They act as portals giving us access back to the unified field/the Wu Qi. The EV’s are spirals that connect us to the flow of the manifestation of our destiny in 3D reality and our return to the Undifferentiated Oneness. They are links to awareness of our eternal nature. For this reason, we feel that the Extraordinary Vessels are foundational in all of our sessions.

In setting intention for treatments, it is beneficial to be mindful of the importance of creating connection to awareness of the limitless possibilities of the Unified Field.

Jude and Paul Ponton run Whispering Dragon Center in Seattle, WA, and our senior licensed Acutonics faculty. They will be offering Acutonics Level I Jan 11-13; Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine, will be taught April 4-6 followed by the Energetics of Points and Meridians, April 8-10, 2020. As senior licensed faculty they are also available for tutorials and will work with students to schedule small group trainings and one-on-one mentorship. They can be reached at 206-706-2836, resonate@whispering-dragon.com