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Creating Your Sacred Space in the Online World!

14 May, 2020
Creating Your Sacred Space in the Online World!

By Judy Bernard, EAMP, MAc, LAc

Things sure have changed quickly. Many of us have had to pivot our lives over the last couple months to find new ways of educating our children, conducting business and our everyday tasks. What we thought could never be done, such as working from home, kids learning off of the television and celebrating special occasions over FaceTime has now become the new normal. We have been combining the creativity within our human spirit with technology, keeping the world moving forward. Yes, the world will go on. While we have a way to go and some bugs to work out, we are creating this world one step at a time. Mother Earth has shown us that with a little bit of help on our part, she can reverse many of the environmental challenges that we face. This is all so inspiring and encouraging to me. However, electronics have not always been my friend, I want to share what I have learned over the last few years, in hopes of making this transition easier for all of us.

I used to move my electronics out of my sacred spaces. In fact, a friend and I shared booth space years ago. She measured heart-rate variability, so she used a computer. Within hours of our booth opening, her computer would malfunction and stop working for a couple weeks. At first, we didn’t know why but we discovered this only happened when we shared booth space. I always had a gong or two with me. This never happened when she shared space with other healers. We figured the gongs and the computer created a dissonance that eventually shut down the computer. I also didn’t allow computers in my treatment space for their dissonance didn’t feel healing to me.

Wow, how times have changed! I have been teaching online and learning online for about 4-5 years, now. My computer, iPad and phone are constant companions of mine in all my healing sessions. I do believe the vibration of the Earth has risen to support the electronics, plus my vibration has shifted, too. However, I am still sensitive to the electronics vibrations also called EMF’s. Part of this is due to my age. When I was born the ethers or energetic soup that I was born into didn’t contain all these electronic vibrations, now it does. So, my energetic field has had to adjust to these new vibrations. Younger people born into this electronic WIFI soup or ethers are not as affected, as this is what they know, so the impact may not be as strong. Although, I recognize that we are all affected differently and even the young can be adversely impacted for a variety of reasons. However, they are much more in the flow with electronics, just ask any 12-year-old how to do something on your phone and they can figure it out in under 10 minutes. The Earth’s vibrational field has also shifted supporting many of the new frequencies. I also find that my gongs no longer appear to impact my electronics. I want to share with you some of the strategies that work for me to limit electronic dissonance, which I hope will help you in navigating.

Setting Up Sacred Space:

  1. Bless your computer and electronics for the connectivity they bring to you! Be thankful to have them in your life. Make friends with them and understand that just as with any new friendship, their will bumps in the road. Don’t let these bumps freak you out. Calmly know it will all work out. Changing your inner dialog really helps here, as does the Mercury fork. Computers run off of vibrational energy too and when we get flustered or angry, they won’t work at all. Trust me this works, at times I use to yell at my computer and then it would stop working. Kindness and friendship will also work with your computers and other devices.
  2. Use crystals and stones. I use a heart shaped green fluoride stone, amethyst and shungite on my computer or desk to help balance the EMF vibrations. I also have a rock that I found in nature, to aid in my grounding.
  3. I always have a plant in the room with me. I like spider plants. They are very good at purifying the air, are pretty easy to keep alive, and are pet friendly, just in case your pet snacks on them.
  4. I use my Acutonics tools to bring harmony between myself, the computer, my client and all. I use Mercury for clear communication, Ohm to ground, Chiron to heal any dissonance, and then whatever else I am called to integrate in a given situation. Any forks you have on hand can be used effectively in this situation.
  5. If you are working in a large space to do your work create a big sacred space. Crystals or pennies in all the corners of the room will help to ground the room and anchor the vibrations in harmony.
  6. Add whatever other sacred items that feel good to you to your space with your computer.

Now For You Physically! 

I can easily sit in a live class and keep engaged for a few hours. While the online platform has engagement, especially if you use a conference service like Zoom. On Zoom you can see each other and the person speaking moves to the center of the screen. While I love seeing everyone being on video is part of being active in the community. It can feel very intense in the beginning to sit there and be on camera. In order to offset this intensity, I will shut my camera off periodically, thus giving myself a break. This is also good etiquette to follow, if you have to get a snack or move around, so you are not distracting to others. Don’t keep your camera off the entire time, you will miss the interactive part and the other participants will miss you.

I also keep myself muted, many times the host will do this for you. Background noise is very distracting and tiring to the other participants. We are in our own homes, so the background sounds are like white noise to us and we don’t even notice it. If you are not talking mute yourself.

Your body is your sacred temple and EMF- Electromagnetic Frequencies can be hard on your body. In order to spend more time on the computer, you must increase your self-care. Here are some of the things that work for me. Be curious! Explore what works for you. Use your Acutonics Tools!

  1. Everything is vibration, use it to enhance your being energetically. Choose clothing and accessories that help you be at your best. I assess what I need on a given day and the right earrings and necklace always appear to me.
  2. Mercury and Moon Essential oils are excellent to diffuse in the air. Sedna also works wonderfully.
  3. Use the NM 5th on the Yang Qiao Mai and Yin Qiao Mai.
  4. Move and stretch your body when needed. Turn your camera off to do this or stretch outside of the view of the camera, you can also stretch in your seat.
  5. Epsom salts baths are quite helpful after I’ve been on the computer all day. It helps to clear EMF’s from the field. 2-4 cups in a warm bath, and a 20 minute soak works well.
  6. To me computers can have a frenzied energy, so take a few minutes before going online and breath into your heart. Use Ohm Unison or Mars and Venus forks on REN 17. Fill yourself up with this calmness, expand it to your field, to your computer, desk, microphone, lights, keep breathing deeply and calmly, expand it to your room, to the students, clients who will be joining you online. Use Sedna in the field here for unity. You are now ready to begin.  The world is at your fingertips, we are all connected!  Energetically and virtually! All is ONE! 

More than ever self-care is key! I am offering a 5-week clinic for YOUR own self-care without the clinic hours! YOU can get a personalized self-care plan, feedback, accountability and clinic hours (if needed) to complete your Acutonics Certification. These ONLINE Clinics are being formed now starting in May and June 2020. These clinics are intimate, small groups of a maximin of four students, minimum of two. We find a time that works for everyone and then meet for 5 weeks discussing your client or yourself (self-care). You then give a weekly sound healing session and report back the next week. Each clinic is worth 15 clinic hours.
Email Judy at or call/text 253-593-4751 to get started