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Connecting With Our Heart Field

1 Jun, 2017
Connecting With Our Heart Field

By Jude Ponton, DC, LAc and Paul Ponton, LAc, Senior Certified Acutonics® Practitioners and Licensed Teachers

With the approach of summer, the time of the fire element, the energy of our hearts is at its highest potential. What better time to enhance our understanding of and connection to the spirit and field of the heart.

It is said that the heart spirit, the shen, is a spark of the fire of heaven that is bestowed on us by the stars when we are born. In the Chinese, Vedic and Hebrew traditions it is known that this spirit resides in the center of the heart. The shen guides the heavenly spark into expression of our purist potential. It is the seat of inspiration, insight, awareness and compassion.

The Institute of Heart Math at Stanford University tells us that the energy field of the heart extends at least ten feet out from the body and is five thousand times stronger than that of the brain. The electromagnetic field of the heart is sixty times the strength of the brain’s EMF.

The heart field is a torus (donut shape) that actually permeates all of our physical form. Connecting to our heart center allows us unlimited access to insight, inspiration, intuition and creativity. It is thought that through the heart center we can tap into the Wu Qi or zero point field, the field of undifferentiated oneness and infinite possibilities.

When we allow our conscious awareness to reside in our heart center we dramatically shift our perspective from what is to what can be. This is where we realize that all things are possible. Since it is the center of our heavenly connection to the stars, it is from heart center that we soar through the cosmos and access celestial energies.

As Acutonics practitioners we have an enhanced capacity to tap into these energies using planetary frequencies to access points and meridians that are portals to the heart center.

Here are some suggestions for using Acutonics tuning forks to allow us to embrace the heart spirit and expand into the field of the heart.

REN 17 Chest Center/the Heart Chakra:
New Moon 5th to open the heart chakra
Full Moon 6th to allow full access and expression of the energy of the heart
Solar 7th to activate the heavenly spark
Ohm/Venus 6th to expand creativity and enhance unconditional love
Ohm/Jupiter 4th to expand into the full heart field and to reach out to the abundance and joy of the universe.
Ohm/Neptune 5th to enhance intuition, and compassion and to dissolve sense of separateness.
Mars/Venus 5th to activate creativity and balance the heart chakra.
Using any of these as high frequency intervals enhances the experience of expansion into the Heart field.

UB 15, Heart Shu (Located on the back one and one half inches lateral to the spinous process of the 5th thoracic vertebrae):
New Moon 5th to allow free flow of the energy field of the heart
Solar 7th to energize the toroidal field of the heart
Mars/Venus 5th to balance the heart yin and yang
Ohm/Mars 2nd to strengthen the physical heart energy and the heart field
Ohm/Saturn 2nd to stabilize and organize the energy field of the heart

H 7, Spirit Gate (on the little finger side of the wrist crease radial to the tendon) Source Point of the heart channel:
New Moon 5th to open the gate to source energy
Ohm Unison to clear imbalances in the heart field
Ohm/Neptune 5th to calm the heart spirit
Ohm/Chiron 2nd to heal the heart spirit

Extraordinary Vessels:
Chong Mai
New Moon 5th to release blockages in the heart field
Mars/Venus 5th to balance the energy field of the heart
Ohm/Neptune 5th to open to the collective through the flow of heart

Yin Wei Mai
Jupiter/Venus to expand connection to the heart center, to enhance creativity and joy
Ohm/Chiron 2nd to heal the heart chakra and to enhance capacity for compassion
Ohm/Nibiru 3rd to create a new heart matrix and extend the heart field

These are just a few suggestions for allowing the energy of our hearts to soar.