Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine



1 Jan, 2018

By Jude Ponton, DC, MAc, LAc & Paul Ponton, MAc, LAc

It is common to think of the New Year as the start of a cycle of new beginnings. As beings living in a three-dimensional reality we tend to experience time as unfolding in a linear manner. Each New Year, birthday and anniversary is perceived as a marker or starting point for another unit of time that moves in a stream from present out into the future.

Another way to perceive these markers is as placeholders for the awareness of our continual becoming. They can serve as springboards of expansion toward fulfilling our destiny. As limitless beings, we have constant access to opportunities, not only for personal expansion, but for the awareness of our oneness with the field. Our expansion contributes benefit to the collective. Acutonics tools give us cosmic frequencies that we can apply with intention to access points on the body and in the individual bio-field for connection and expansion into the greater field of infinite possibilities. Here are some suggestions for creating portals to expanded awareness and connection to Source. 

Huato Jiaji Points allow us to absorb and assimilate higher frequencies into our nervous system. They also contain a high concentration of marrow that can be activated to differentiate into new possibilities. The application of Mercury/Jupiter 4th to the Huato Jiaji expands the capacity of our nervous system to access and integrate new frequencies.

The Three Treasures (Shen, Jing and Qi) access through DU 20 (Hundred Convergences) for Shen, REN 4 (Origin Pass) for Jing and REN 17 (Original Child) for Qi. Mars/Venus is excellent on these points to merge the Yin and Yang aspects of the Three Treasures. The Ohm Octave can also promote balance at a new level.

The Solar Plexus, or 3rd Chakra, influences our sense of self, the expression of our individual manifestation of Source. The Low New Moon 5th provide deep access to a more evolved version of Self. Follow with Venus/Jupiter to expand self-love and create resonance with the unconditional love that is the nature of Source.

The Chong (Penetrating), Du (Governing) and Ren (Conception) Vessels are the primary extraordinary vessels. The Chong Mai is the first vessel that emanates from Source. The Du and the Ren Mai are the initial differentiations of Yang and Yin. These vessels are portals to connect with our destiny. Ohm/Sedna microtone applied to the Chong Mai (SP 4, Grandfather’s Grandson/PC 6, Inner Gate) expresses the non-dual nature of Source. Mars/Venus on both the Du Mai (SI 3, Back Ravine/UB 62, Extending Vessel) and Ren Mai (LU 7, Broken Sequence/ KID 6, Shining Sea) allow Yin and Yang energies to merge and balance as an expression of the duality that is our individual manifestation of Source.

Using the three dimensional geometry of The Cosmic Capstone provides an access to the field and to other dimensions. High frequency Jupiter/Neptune 2nd above its associated points (DU 20, PC 8, Ghost Cave and Ren 17) produces vibration for both expansion and flow.