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Autumn, the Metal Element and the Alchemist Archetype

29 Sep, 2016
Autumn, the Metal Element and the Alchemist Archetype

By Jude Ponton, DC, MAc and Paul Ponton. MAc

In a physical sense, the metals of the Earth, such as gold, silver, nickel and copper, among others, are things sought out for their value. We may try to enhance our self-worth by the accumulation of these things. Though, there is nothing inherently wrong with striving for these riches we often find, in the end, that this is usually unsatisfying.

The Inner Alchemist engages in a process of letting go of the dross objects of value in favor of refinement to discover the essence of riches. These are the gifts of our intrinsic self–worth as manifestations of our spiritual Source nature. The spirit of the Metal element, the Corporeal Soul (the Po in Chinese) resides in the Lung and has a direct relationship with the essence or Jing, One of the Three Treasures. This connection gives us access for getting to the essence of experience through the Metal element. It is a time and energy for appreciating what is of real value.

Autumn (Fall) is a time of returning to our Original Self, our higher self, our more evolved self. The abundance of nature’s harvest has been gathered. It is a time of turning inward. This is also a time of letting go of the old and setting the scene for new creations to come. As with the organs of the Metal element, we let go of the old through the process of getting rid of the waste and breathe in the pureness of the new, through the inspiration of the Lungs.

Acutonics tools provide connections to the alchemical and organ correspondences to assist in this process of distillation and refinement through the acupuncture system.

Mercury has ancient correspondence to the lungs.

Pluto, not only has an organ correspondence to the intestines and anus, but is also archetypally connected to the depths of the underworld and to the caves and mines where deeply buried treasures are found. It also holds the energy of transformation and transmutation through the natural cycles of decay and rebirth.

Both Mercury and Pluto are frequencies in close proximity to our home tone of Earth. They each can be used as the tonic with other forks to create familiar intervals and actions. 

LU 1 (Central Treasury): Mercury/New Moon 5th interval can be applied here to go deep and gain access to the riches of our true nature.

LU 9 (Great Abyss): is the Source Point on the Lung meridian. Mercury/Earth Day 5th can be used here to support the energy that provides deep access to the energy of the Lung. Mercury/Nibiru 3rd allows an access point to connect with the expression of Source through the spirit of the Lung.

LU 7 (Broken Sequence): Mercury/Full Moon 6th to illuminate and bring to fullness what is useful, followed by Mercury/Pluto microtone to release what is no longer serving us.

LI 4 (Union Valley): is the Source Point on the Large Intestine meridian: Pluto/New Moon 5th applied here provides vigorous clearing action on what is no longer useful.  This provides releasing energy in connection with the Lungs’ action of bringing in.

LI 18 (Support the Prominence) is a Window of the Sky Point: Pluto/New Moon 5th can be used here to open us to accessing new possibilities and insights into our divine nature.

Happy Harvest