News: August 2020.

Acutonics® Student Profile, Susan Rose Heidl aka QZ

QZ Heidl, lives in Crawford Bay, British Columbia, Canada. She has completed all of her core-courses, and more than 100 clinic hours with Theresa Lee as well as multiple electives including Harmonic Geometry the Fibonacci Process with Ron LaPlace and Erin Taylor and Sound Healing and Astrology with Will Morris. QZ has also participated in our free online forums and I’ve had a chance to talk with her about her ambitious vision for her thesis project, the only remaining requirement for Acutonics Certification.

We are in a huge reset time on this planet. All the big hitters have been and still are in retrograde during most of this year; from Jupiter all the way to Sedna. Five of these six planets are in the earth signs of Capricorn and Taurus. As you well know, these planets take their time and move very slow. With all of them retro at the same time, we are globally in a state where we feel raked over hot coals, soul searching and reincarnating new versions of ourselves, the way we interact with each other, and the world in which we live. Though it is true that this is not an easy road to traverse, as we are thrown into unfamiliar circumstances with the unknown in some form, at our doorstep daily, it is also true that we are in a very exciting time in the history of our evolution.
Late Summer, The Fifth Season

Summer, the height of yang, activates and amplifies the energy of intention, and vision that were set in Spring. In Late Summer, this energy consolidated by the Earth element is realized as manifestation in a tangible form. Intention and vision are waveforms in the higher vibrational realms that must be acted upon before they can take shape in particle/physical reality.
Navigation and Discernment with the Energy of Mars and Chiron’s Initiating Incentive

At this late summer, harvest point in the year Astrologically speaking we have come through a Venus and Mercury retrograde - both are now moving forward. Welcome shifts of forward momentum whilst Mars has slowed down and is warming up for the coming retrograde, a two -month stint from September 9th. To have Mars, Venus and Mercury all going retrograde in the same year is a lot, and is rare, but 2020 is a rather extra-ordinary cosmologically active year with significant planetary cycles ending and new ones beginning.
Protocol: Helping the Lungs During Fires

How are the fires out your way? So much trauma, new and revisited, as we now struggle to breathe the air with hundreds and hundreds of fires burning at once:
Self-Care Strategies for Late Summer Earth Element 2020

Late summer is the Earth Element time of the year. The Earth, at the center of the five elements, represents balance, support, consecutiveness, community and peace within. 2020 is definitely a unique year. We have been given a break from the world that we have known with the potential to create a New Earth. Although are unable to go and do, we have been expanding our communities into a global network.

"I received Acutonics treatments once a week for 5 months. The benefits I have experienced have been numerous…The most relaxed I’ve ever felt “in my body”. I have a general sense of “going with the flow” even though I’ve been processing some major emotional/health issues. A re-occurring ache I’ve had in my neck is gone. My hormones seem to have balanced, I’m losing weight, and physically I feel GREAT! "

- Jennifer Bell, Santa Fe