News: January 2020.

Self-Care to Guide the Journey through 2020

I was recently blessed to be part of a panel for 2020, here in Nashville, TN. Participants included healers, psychics, card readers and astrologers. Each of us shared important information about 2020, offering assurances that the world we desire is being built and that we are changing to be the person we need to be in this new world. It will without question be a year of personal transformation; who we are today, will not be who we are in 2021. Our individual growth and transformation are key to the World’s transformation. If we want peace in the world, we must be peace inside our being, so that we vibrate peace at all times, and share it with the world. How well we embrace the ride will determine the way we experience the ups and down of 2020 and embody change.
Happy New Year 2020: The Year of Manifestation Through the Rare Triple Planetary Conjunction — The Three Treasures of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn Activating the Golden Elixir into the Golden Age

This New Year of 2020 marks a pivotal change for our home planet Earth, as well as our Cosmic reality, marking the end of an era and the initiation of a new era filled with golden opportunities. What will that new era be? What will we manifest through our consciousness for ourselves, our communities and our humanity for 2020? In Numerology, 2019 was represented by a 3-year, bringing us challenges, growth and change. For 2020, the base number is 4, offering us the same work as 2019, yet bringing what we focus on as manifest.
Cycles, Spirals, Time-Space and the Unified Field

In 3D reality we perceive time as a linear progression from past to present to future (space-time). From this perspective we are now at the beginning of not only a new year, but a new decade. That is a perception of time as discontinuous, that is, there is a distinct past separated from the present, which is separate from the future.

"The first time I had your (Acutonics®) tuning forks placed on my body, I felt as though every cell, every tissue, every atom in my body was dancing for joy! Something in me came alive that had long been sleeping. Thank you, thank you, thank you for enabling the music of the spheres to be resounding my body."

- Sage Berrett
Learning Enhancement Specialist and creator of the Art of Balance, Inc.