News: December 2019.

Student Profile - Amanda Simon, Acutonics® Intern

Although Amanda Simon is based in the United Kingdom, she has made many trips to the Mothership in New Mexico to complete her course work since beginning her Acutonics studies with Joanie Solaini in England in 2016. Currently, she is visiting with us to work on her thesis, her last remaining requirement to become a Certified Acutonics® Practitioner. Traveling to the US is not a hardship for Amanda as she has come to love the Southwestern United States, the people, light, indigenous cultures and wide open spaces. She has already forged many bonds of friendship with people in New Mexico.
December 2019 Astrological Perspective - The Capricorn Moment

As I write this December astrological contribution for the Acutonics newsletter we have been experiencing some substantial planetary synodic cycles during the course of November - round ups, repeats, returns and renewals. Mercury turned direct on the 20th November having been retrograde for the previous two weeks in Scorpio, trawling and hauling all manner of things from the dark and deep for re-consideration, re-flection.
Winter Solstice—Renewal and Becoming

Winter solstice is the time of the year that is most yin, the tipping point where extreme yin shifts toward the yang. The darkness of the days gives way to lengthening times of light. Even as winter begins, it starts moving toward the spring.
Self-Care Affirmations – Remembering our Illuminated Heart

Happy Holidays! December is the time of darkness, as we move towards Winter Solstice, when the light returns. During this time, we are guided to go within and cultivate our own light. This is a deep remembering of who we are. For me, this remembering is, “I am a Spirit having a human experience.” I easily forget this when I am out in the world. When we are connected to our own illuminated heart, we connect to others in this way, and bring more light to the world. As you spend time with family and friends, share with one another the gifts of light and love. I hope that you will take the time to go within and connect to your own unique luminosity with these self-care sessions. Fill yourself up, so that you can share your light and love with the world this holiday season.

"The impact of this class has provided me with a way of expanding my practice in Hawaii. I have a deeper understanding of the meridians as well as being made aware of the art of creating a healing space for patients. Sue (Wadden) is fabulous and articulate. There was a lot of Aloha in this class"

- Dess