News: November 2019.

Acutonics Student Profile: Olga Bettoni, Basel, Switzerland

Over the past twenty years, one of the most gratifying experiences for me personally has been the international growth of Acutonics and the opportunity to meet and work with students from around the globe. I just had the pleasure of meeting Olga Bettoni, who attended the new elective that I taught in the UK. Olga’s interest in Acutonics began while she was in acupuncture school.
November’s Astrological Weather

Aloha! Thank you for joining me this month to explore November’s astrological weather. In this newsletter contribution I address some key planetary, solar and lunar aspects to consider and utilize in personal and private practice. For clarity, I use the Tropical Zodiac to discuss these aspects. However, I also recommend doing some star and planet gazing in the early morning (Mars) and late evening (Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn) as all of the visible planets will be easily found with the naked eye at the beginning of this month.
Self-Care Strategies to Promote Gratitude and Abundance

Welcome to November a month for gratitude and abundance. Many of us look out into the world and see only chaos. Nothing seems to be going smoothly and intense pressures fill the Earthly energy container. No one is immune from this pressure; as things all around us appear to be shifting and changing we require healthy strategies to ride this wave of change. This is a perfect time to plant seeds for what we want to create, so that we can be filled with light and positive energy. It is not possible to operate to our fullest potential if we are caught in the energetic vibration of scarcity. So, take time to listen to your body, rest and focus on what you want and fill yourself with including rich planetary vibrations.
Mountain of Balance Points: Connecting Spirit and Divine Will

In Chinese Medicine this time of year is associated with the Metal Element (Lung/Large Intestine). This transitional time that falls between the fire of summer and the water of winter, offers an excellent opportunity to think about how we might utilize the Zhi or Will of the Kidneys to rise above denser energies of survival, materiality and polarity. Rising Zhi allows us to transform energy associated with fear. Through the alchemical fire of the Heart we have the ability to refine our energy to an elevated vibratory status associated with the unified field. This higher vibratory frequency enhances our ability to manifest a more harmonious life and aligns our individual path in life with our divine destiny. This acceleration of frequency allows us to connect with the field of potentiality for transformation and realization of our higher purpose.

"I have been an Acutonics Practitioner for 12 years and teacher of this system for ten. Every session, every class is testimony to the profound nature of this work. Over the years, in addition to sound healing sessions, I have incorporated Acutonics into my massage and reflexology practice. I have had the honor to participate in and bear witness to the deep shifts that clients and students experience with these planetary tunings forks, as well as other sound tools. Healing moves on all levels, and the prime "

- Maren Good, MA, LMT, Certified Acutonics Practitioner, Senior Faculty